Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in the saddle with taco salad

I made some promise about posting more recipes a couple of weeks ago... faint, weak promises, I know. Then this past week I was reflecting on my love of taco salads... and today I made myself a heavenly salad for lunch. I realized then that I've never posted my version here. Must be rectified!

It's a pretty loose definition of a recipe, I'll give you that. But hopefully it will inspire you to whip up something along these lines and you'll fall in love with the salad 'o taco the way I have.

I even thought today that I could take on a Morgan Spurlock-type challenge (he's the Super Size Me dude) and eat nothing but taco salad and variations on taco salad for a month... but then I worried I might indeed get sick of it, so I'll just continue to partake as the cravings strike!

Taco salad for one
Greens: rip up a couple of cups of lettuce leaves
Tomatoes: I cut up about a half-cup of grape tomatoes, yum
Avocado: cube either a half or a whole avocado, depending on your mood
Cheese: a liberal handful of shredded cheddar or jack
Beans: warm up a cup of beans in the microwave--pinto, black, kidney... I love them all
Cilantro: roughly chop a handful of washed leaves
Salsa: optional, depending on your mood, and how wet you like your salad
Sour cream: a generous dallop!

In a large bowl (so you can mix it all up) put all the ingredients except the beans, salsa and sour cream; toss and mix gently. Take the beans, once warmed, and pour over the mixture; again, mix gently, adding salsa and sour cream as desired. Turn the salad out onto a plate and enjoy!

There are many variations possible: add some black bean and corn salad, rather than just beans... add olives if you enjoy that with Mexican cuisine... green onions would be a nice zippy addition, as would other onions, if you're not scared of the bite... get creative, go wild, have fun! Yum.

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  1. Wow, this sure does look yummy and I too love taco salads, thanks for sharing your recipe.


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