Saturday, February 7, 2009

Save the flying lash girl, save the world

So on my friend Jen's blog she showed off her new superhero likeness, The Superhuman Lasered Jones. Not bad, I thought, but I wonder what my likeness would be? Apparently, I'm Astonishing! How cool is that? Granted, there's a little self-selection going on--I did pick the wings after all, and how surprising is it that the whole outfit is green? Ha.

To find out who your superhero is, go to Hero Factory. A little fun for your weekend...


  1. Oh, man! You're way cooler than me! I didn't dare choose the wings--I thought (for me) that was like laughing in the face of God. You're brave AND cool. :)

    And what's up with the posture of the female superheroes? Sooo not attractive.

  2. Ha! The first time I was the Intimidating Royal Monarch. Kind of a classy chick. But I missed the facial features, so I went back and added those and a mask, and this time I was. . .

    The Superhuman Walking Pimp. What??? Must have been the fur-lined cap I couldn't pass up.


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