Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One of the many ways to Sher's heart

Apparently these have been around for at least a year--the label above is from 2007, but it's the only real image I could find online for heart-shaped Junior Mints.

I just discovered them this year though, and I'm hooked. Not only are they as wonderful as the original (of course, why wouldn't they be?), but they're almost twice as big. So they're almost two bites! There are some with red centers, which is also very nifty.

Tonight while I watched Top Chef--more on that later--I had some popcorn and my little hearts of mint. So fine. Had to share.


  1. They do these at Christmas too, though they're not heart-shaped which means they're not nearly as cool. But I first found them a few years ago and thought they were pretty great. And frozen? Even better!

  2. I had my junior mints at the movies the other day. We were all so happy because they happen to be gluten free! I didn't know they make them heart shaped! Now I must go find some!


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