Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creativity: A perspective

I read Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" along with a gobzillion other people a couple of summers ago. I enjoyed it, for the most part, though had some lingering questions about her specific "marketing" (my word, not hers) of her life choices. I have been simply amazed at how the book has continued to dominate the best seller lists (it was #1 on NYT for more than a year). My appreciation for the author has grown more as I've seen her in the aftermath of the book than it did while reading it--the interviews and articles I've read about her show a level of humilty and a down-to-earth quality that appeals to me. See, I like that kind of marketing.

I saw this video and know that a few of my creative type peeps might enjoy what she has to say as well. I am impressed too with her ability to stand and speak cogently for 18 minutes toward a specific theme. That's a talent...


  1. oh sher. thank you so, so much. this is a gem.

    i actually have always believed it! even talked about it with shelby years ago.

    you see, i had this feeling the minute i finished writing my first short story. i just felt a chill run through me, and had this sense that something/someone else had helped me. this was back in '94...way before i got more formal with my spirituality.

    although i may be one of the few who couldn't get into her first book, i now think she is wonderful, and look forward to her next book!

  2. Wow, wow, wow!

    Kim e-mailed me your post and I'm so glad she did. That was a great talk. TED speakers are usually very engaging and interesting but this one felt very relevant to my life. My life as an aspiring creative soul.

    I also read the book and didn't love it like the rest of the world but now after seeing her speak, I have a whole new kind of respect for her.

    Thanks! :)

  3. I love this woman. I loved EPL. However, I must say that in all honesty, the woman can give this talk because, well, she has practiced it a hundred-fold, I'm sure. I saw her in Rochester a year or so ago. She gave the identical 'talk'. Identical. I lingered after the talk; waited in an hour plus line to have her sign a book for my sister. She was extremely gracious and stayed until the very last person in live had a chance to meet her.

    Oh---here is another book you may like: Molly Wizenberg's, "A Homemade Life" just came out. A foodie family memoir. It's lovely.

  4. Kim, I thought you'd enjoy it, given our conversations about writing and creativity...

    Anastasiaspeaks, thanks for coming over and taking a look. I've been lurking around your blog for awhile (Kim turned me on to it) and I've really enjoyed reading.

    Susan, you're undoubtedly right about the number of times = good delivery, but don't you think she does a good job at seeming extemporaneous? That's one of her more appealing things, I think, her conversational style.


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