Thursday, February 19, 2009

Build a little cupcake in your soul

So, things have been happening these past few weeks, though you wouldn't know it from the blog. Too busy or too sick to post, but never to busy to cook and bake and make cupcakes. More postings to come over the weekend, but I thought I'd start with the easy stuff--the cupcake baby shower at work last week.

There's no recipe for this one, since I basically did a Sandra Lee semi-homemade moment and amped up some cake mixes. This is truly just a photo opportunity. And even those I am borrowing--I forgot my camera at home so got these from the work files. I really need to remember my camera. All those years of events, and it's one of my most consistent "doh!" moments.... camera, what camera?

I was fairly happy with how they turned out. I'm not a cake decorator, but I like to pretend. One day I might actually take a class!

The blue giant cupcake I called my Smurf house; I just wanted to put a little door on the side and move in!


  1. OK, those are the cutest things EVER! You did a great job. I want! I Want!

  2. They were amazing and delicious! The smurf castle was my favorite. Many were in awe (as always)! Bravo, my dear.


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