Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Well, just one of those weeks. I knew when I said last Friday night that I was thankful for our family not getting sick that I was tempting the illness gods. Alas, Seth's cold returned over the weekend (was it ever really gone?) and with it a mighty cough. Monday I figured he could gut it out at school (bad mom), but by the time I picked him up it was clear that he was getting worse. He was home Tuesday and by Wednesday with no real improvement I thought we'd better get him to a doctor, just in case it was something other than a cold... and sure enough, a bit of a walking pneumonia in his left lung. So, lesson learned, don't be TOO thankful for good health. Another day, another bug. The adults of the household are now in various stages of battle with the beast, and hoping for a restful weekend.

Still amidst the Puffs and water glasses, much to be thankful for:
* It's FRIDAY! Just the happiest night of the week.
* In less than a week my fundraising luncheon will be over, and after a long afternoon of assigning tables and calling around on various details, it looks like our attendance will be very close to last year, which is amazing in this "time," and a testament to the great committee I get to work with.
* Seth is improving--praise be to drugs! I was reading some online info on pneumonia, and just amazed how many people used to die from this illness. It's still quite dangerous for elderly and the immune-compromised, but with antibiotics, it's a very different disease.
* We met a new doctor (on-call) who treated Seth this week. She turned out to be a neighbor and a very lovely lady. She was a blessing in the middle of the germ cloud.
* I'm very thankful for Valentine's and the lovely opportunity to show affection to my love. My coughy, feverish love. But still, my love.
* I'm thankful for the chocolate-covered strawberries and the flower arrangement that arrived today from much-loved family. I am very thankful for my family!
* I'm thankful that Pa and Ma are on their way home from their Mexican adventure.
* I am thankful for echinacea and Emergen-C and Airborne. I am well aware that there is very little (or, next to none...) research to support my theories that these products help me fight off germs... but still, they do!
* I am thankful for giant gummy bears! I got them for the boys for Valentine's (they are both big gummy fans), and they opened them last night. They are sitting beside me as I type (I know, WHO did I really get them for?) and I know they will be yummy, yummy gummies when we all feel better!

*I am grateful for signs of spring. The signs are slow in coming, granted, but one way or another, spring is on its way. I know, it snowed this week (and I even enjoyed it while it was happening), but still, let me dream! I believe I am now ready for warmth!
* I am thankful for all the fun and different blogs out there to read and be inspired by. Just found a new one I like: absolutely beautiful things, from Brisbane, Australia (the heart/tea image above came from her site). I read some blogs for the here's-my-life writing, some for the humorous content (language warning), some because I know and care about the writer(s)--you see those in my blogroll to the side. Still others I read because I am inspired by how they have handled their circumstances, like this one: Pray for Ian; I've been following them for awhile, and am always inspired by their courage. And then there are the artsy-craftsy blogs, oh my. And the food blogs. Too many to count. I have thought it will all be OK (the economic downturn, etc.) as long as no one unplugs the internet. (Please, don't email me and tell me the internet can't be unplugged. I know that it runs on solar power. Ha.)
*Mostly tonight, like every night, I am thankful for the many different forms that love takes in our lives. Family, friends, children, dearest ones... It is certainly not something I take for granted.

I'm off to take my nighttime Airborne... wish me luck!

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  1. Solar power? Not even close. Hamsters.

    (Also, don't be surprised if The Bloggess calls you out over the language warning--she did it to me! I was so excited to have her comment, though, I didn't care.)


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