Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Ah, the weekend cave. I just thought that up today and I am all over that phrase. From now on, when I think about the weekend, I will envision heading into my cave of comfort and relaxation. Doesn't sound very energetic, does it? Maybe that will just be my winter phrase... my hibernation-mode descriptor.

Today there is much to be thankful for:

*Seth's home!

*Nothing too pressing on the agenda for the weekend, other than cave activity! Some cooking, some baking, some chillin', reading, artsy-craftsy stuff. Nothing that you need to leave the cave for.

*I'm thankful that I'm not looking for a job right now. I know folks for whom these days are quite stressful on the job hunt, and I get to talk to some of them on the phone occasionally, and it's not always pretty.

*I'm thankful that the stomach flu seems to have passed by our house. (Knock on wood.) It's been pretty nasty 'round town and so far we've avoided. Of course, Seth could be carrying something... we might want to quarantine him for 24 hours!

*I'm thankful for all the help I have with a fundraiser that's in less than two weeks. The committee of ladies I work with are all very delightful and hard working and I am blessed to be a part of such a great organization.

*I'm thankful we're having a baby shower at work this next week and that gives me the happy opportunity to bake 150 cupcakes! And play with my giant cupcake pan again too... this time I will take pictures.

*I'm thankful for sleep. This little tidbit I simply don't take for granted, and lately it's not been difficult, even with stressful things on my mind, to get my zzz's. I hope that continues!

*I'm thankful for Valentine's coming up, which gives me a chance to reflect on my true love in my own kooky creative way.

*I'm thankful for my aerogarden, which Seth gave me for my birthday, way back when. We finally got it hooked up and rolling last week, and now it's going gangbusters with the herbies. I think there's a happy side effect to the growing lights too... almost like sunshine for my SAD!

*I'm thankful for haystacks! Happy family supper.

*Last but not least, I'm ever-so-thankful for my family and friends. Even the ones that mock me for buying sherbet and colored fish crackers.

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