Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday night grateful moment

The sliding door to our bedroom deck is open, and I can smell recently quashed fires in the air. It is spring. No two ways about it. I'm practically too giddy to type! Why is it that spring feels so longed-for, even this year, when it's been arguably quite mild? Who knows. I'm just glad--and grateful--that it's here.

Let me count the ways...
*We went from coats to shirt sleeves, practically overnight. Meanwhile, Seth's new spring coat just arrived, and I'm thinking I'm glad we bought it a bit big, because very soon it will be a fall coat...

*Aspargus in everything... soup to omelettes! Grateful for spring flavors.

*Getting up and into the day, even in this post-DST week, has been pretty easy. And those evenings? Heaven! So grateful for longer days.

*Garden planning and plotting. Had lunch with a friend this week who shared a garden resource that we'll have to check out. Seeds! Tilling! And the trees got their seasonal trim this week too... things are looking (knock on wood) somewhat tidy, even. 

*Green, green, everywhere. Doesn't hurt that it's St. Patrick's Day on Sunday, but spring IS green. And I got some fun new shoes in the mail this week, too:

*Family is coming to visit soon, and that always makes me happy and grateful. That always gives me a chance to do some fun cooking and baking, and crafting with the nieces. Can you say Easter glitter?!

*Maybe it's the time change (though that doesn't really make sense), but I am sleeping better lately... a cause for celebration, definitely. 

*Some weeks the planets just align a little better than others, you know? Grateful for weeks when it feels like progress is made, three steps forward even if one or two were back... momentum! 

*Grateful for my friends, in any season. Every season. Blessed.

*Those guys I get to live with... I have a very thankful heart for both of them tonight. For Seth and his courage and character, and the same goes for husband, double on the character. That the two of them support each other and not just me? Blessed times a hundred.

*For technology, and all the things it makes possible. So I'm veering off the spring theme here, but my gratitude for technology is true and very on my list of things to be grateful for.

*I'm still really glad about my OLW for 2013: Light. I haven't spent a lot of time focusing on it here on the blog, but I have my little tag that I wear*:

and it reminds me:

I hope wherever you are tonight, spring is near. Peace.

*I want you to know, dear reader, that I tried fifteen ways from Thursday to get that photo to turn rightways for you. I even retook the photo. Reuploaded it. Rotated it. Cursed. Did it all again. To not avail. So rather than continue cursing on a night when I should be grateful, I am letting it BE. Because I know you can make the leap.


  1. Well, your list is very timely...your quote at the end about travelling light is especially appropriate for me...

    And the lovely. We have green on some of the trees coming out too. Even saw an apple and peach tree blooming in a back yard on my way to the pool.

    I am grateful for you and yours and your brother and his lovely family too.

    Today I am especially thankful for the reminder to pray for all those who I carry in my heart...all of them.

  2. Lovely made me breathe deep. :) xoxox

  3. Indeed- lovely lovely! All the green makes me so happy. It really is the perfect color for spring.

    I, too, am insanely and intensely grateful for the time shift. I'm still completely overjoyed that it stays light so much later- that extra hour feels like a whole chunk of time, like an extra afternoon. Energizes me and also aligns me better with sleeping and waking up. Instead of feeling exhausted and draggy at 5:30pm, I don't feel like I'm ready to wind down until closer to 7pm, which is a good time to start winding down and put on my pajamas and get out the crochet.


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