Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday morning inspiration:
Color and compassion, not necessarily in that order

It was a lovely weekend with rain and wind (lest spring come too quickly!) and the wind made the temperatures feel chillier than it really was. Bombing around the lawn for the first mowing of the season, hat and gloves on, I felt positively ice-cube-ish. Brrr.

But I will persist in my "spring is coming" mantra--after all, March 20 *is* this week!

A few inspirations crossed my path this past week, and will make heading into another week just a bit brighter. I can't remember the first time I saw an image with the words notsalmon on them, it seems like it must have been years ago now. But I never really persisted in knowing what that means, where it comes from... and then I finally clicked through. Her name is Karen Salmansohn, and she makes motivational art and blogs about things like finding 15 minutes a day to build discipline, and all those kinds of things you ignore until one day you decide things really do need to change, and need a word of encouragement to do so. I like her!

I read this interview with Peter Levitt recently and found his perspective refreshing. Of course, I was also intrigued, as he lives on one of the Canadian Southern Gulf Islands near the island where my parents live. Small world, and all. Saltspring is home to many artists, and Peter is a poet. A number of the things he said stayed with me after the interview:

"When things get tough, if we just take care of what is right in front of us, we find the creative means jump forward."

"We are an enormous resource of energy and creativity, and it is just waiting to be used in every way it can. So, finding how self flows through self to self in all its various expressions becomes an important part of living as a whole person, no matter the nature of the activity."

"Often, people think of precepts or discipline or vows in a somewhat negative light, but really these are just ways to love the world as it deserves."

This video speaks for itself. Take the four minutes to watch it; it really shows how little we know from our casual observations, what's going on in people's lives, and reminds me of that famous saying: Be kind, because everyone is fighting a great battle.

The story of Pantone. As you might imagine, I gravitated toward this story from the headline alone! Me and my colors... My favorite quote of the piece: “God created the world in seven days. And on the eighth day, he called Pantone to put color into it.”

I hope your week is filled with color and compassion!


  1. Oh yes, He did call up Pantone for the colours! Like that.

    The video was an excellent ad for The Cleveland Clinic and a reminder to me that even though I do not work in a hospital I need to look into the eyes of those I meet each day here and treat them with respect and kindness.

    Now I must go back and listen to the interview with my neighbour from Salt Spring!

    Happy Week to you too.

  2. Wow- this is all so beautiful and inspiring, but I have to tell you that Peter Levitt's quotes made my hair stand on end, in the best way. I'm sort of in the middle of this examination of "energy"- human energy, life energy, spiritual energy, nature energy, etc. and how it relates to life and so his comment on energy and creativity hit me in a deep place. Thank you for sharing that!


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