Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday night grateful list: Favorites

Tonight, everything is my favorite. You know, how you said it when you were little... That's my faaaay-vor-ite. (Well, that's how *I* said it, anyway...)

Beautiful sunsets are my favorite. We have had quite a few these past couple of weeks... makes me think spring really is just around the corner. Or is it already here?? Cross your fingers!

Afternoon jaunts to the "bigger town" with my husband are my favorite. It was just such a sweet and lovely afternoon, even though we were both so tired (see reference to coffee, below).

Fun, colorful, cheap finds at TJ Maxx are my favorite.

Anticipation of sleep is my favorite. It is almost as good as sleep itself... but not quite (yes, keep reading to find out why so tired).

Messages on Facebook from my SIL are my favorite.

This font is my favorite. Like, beyond favorite. Double favorite, maybe even triple.

Big mugs of coffee at 4:30 a.m. are my favorite--to enjoy while rousting the teen out of bed and going through the morning routine--much too early (band trip)!

Laughter is my favorite. Had the biggest laugh at work this week--I can't remember now what it was all about. It was a group laugh, pretty funny at the time. Would not mind doing more of THAT.

People who are big-hearted with their time and have kind words for others are my favorite.

Telling my loved ones: You are loved, and hearing it in return--those are both my favorite.

Colorful fabrics and yarns are my favorite.

Kristen is my favorite! Definitely. So glad she won Top Chef.

Friends who answer the phone with cheery voices are my favorite. Texts are also good. Friends who text me back are my favorite. (That implies I have friends who don't text me back, which isn't really true. Everyone texts back... eventually! And no, this is not a hint that anyone needs to text back sooner. Really. Except maybe Seth, who doesn't read this blog anyway, whew. That way I can talk about him all I want.)

Hugs from Seth are my favorite.

Cheese is my favorite. Almost any cheese, any form.... yum.

Having a productive day is sooooo my favorite. Checking things off my list? Also my favorite.

Good hair days are my favorite.

Words that inspire and remind me are my favorite.

Lifting up in prayer dear ones who face pain, sickness, loss, fear, anxiety, pressures, grief, the cares of the world; that's my favorite.

I felt fully 10 years old, as I typed this. The repetitiveness speech patterns of being little and saying things over and over again, and driving your parents nuts, remember that? Ha. That WAS my favorite!

I am grateful for ALL my favorites on this Friday night.

What's your favorite?


  1. Awww. I always feel kinda famous when mentioned here. ;-) And loved. Productive and peaceful weeks are a favorite of mine, for sure. Buds on the trees...the coffee I'm drinking that husband just made for girls happy and healthy this external drama...loving, loving family. Amen!

    1. You are a fixture in the grateful list of my heart, even if it's not written here each week. xo

  2. You do have a great list of favourites...I too have sky and lotsa sunshine really are important to me lately. Making things comfortable for whomever drops by in whichever house I happen to be. I think I would be labeled a 'nester' by some.

    I love feeling well again, ready to pop out of bed and make the day happen again.

    Certain colours are my favourites...all the bright, punchy colours you like, I tend to like greyed down a bit...what a wonderful world we live in with so much choice!

    But I suppose my favourite favourite would be my of you. Catch myself wishing I told you all how I love you so, more often.

    1. You are a great nester, it's one of your great gifts. xoxo

  3. what I want to know is how did the people arrange that fondue picture? Because, I would NOT be able to NOT eat that delicious looking cheese and bread!!! YUM!

    my favorite on Friday with dinner out with Dave :-)

    1. I think the key is to make so much that you can eat some, then take a picture of some, and then keep eating it! As you know, anything with cheese... yum.

  4. I LOOOOVE this entry- so inspiring! My favorites: chunky soft yarn, rainbows, magic markers, warm pools on cold days, bright flowers, homemade pizza night, comfy pajamas, anticipation of happy mail, a hot cup of yummy tea, a good book, my tribe (AKA Tom and Gracie)

    1. Tribes are awesome, aren't they? And rainbows! xo

  5. I love this post! I'm following links around looking for interesting blogs and two things grabbed me when I came to yours: the fun color scheme and sweet tea in the title. :-) Are you from the south?

    1. Thanks for coming by, Ashlee! I am a color freak, it's true--glad you like my blog update... I just changed it at the first of the year; I needed a refresh, reboot, etc.

      And, no, I'm not from the south but I can see how you'd think that! I was actually raised in Canada, where the iced tea comes already sweetened, much like the south. And I really only like my tea--hot or cold--sweetened. So...

      Come visit again!


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