Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday morning inspiration:
Music brightens my world

Some weeks I skate along almost music-less. The ride to work and back (short as it is) has either peace and quiet or NPR to accompany my journey. If Seth is with me, he'll sometimes plug in his iPod for a song or two to start the morning out, but more often than not we chat--it's six minutes, after all...

But then, suddenly, music will come back into my routine. A friend will introduce a new artist, a new song, maybe a cover of an old song, and I'll be a singing, humming, car-dancing fool once again. And, it will seem, for a time, like music is everywhere... posts on Facebook, maybe a blog post or tweet... some way, somehow, music is back (jazz hands). And each time I think to myself, where did it go, why did it go? And how can I keep music in my world all the time, even when I'm too busy to update my iPod?!

To kick this week off I thought I'd share some musical inspiration that's come my way recently.

This boy makes me smile:

Seth found this video and shared it with me. Very clever.

There's not much about JT that I don't like; same goes for Jimmy Fallon. When they get together, it's always memorable.

And then, there's my love for a capella... this very fun cover will have you humming all day.

What music gets you up and going for the day?

I hope your week is filled with humming, singing and dancing!


  1. I love that JT video- I'm a sucker for a capella (especially covers of dance music and Ben Folds songs) so when I saw video that I shrieked a little bit. wish they would show up on Main Street at Disney when we go there!

    I usually don't listen to music until I get into the pool, and it's usually dance music (the stuff I would never listen to *out* of the pool) plus my regular rotation of Metallica, Beastie Boys, Tegan & Sara, Duran Duran, and whtever else I stick on my iPod. I love the Pop Danthology mash-ups. But bottom line, the stuff that I put on when I need to get myself in gear and motivated, is Metallica.

  2. Well, well. I would NEVER have guessed you to be a Metallica girl. And, to be honest, I don't know if I've ever listened to a song of theirs (that I know of). What would you recommend as a starting place for a complete newbie? Let me know. I'm always open to a new music experience, especially the energizing kind!


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