Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday morning inspiration: Love is all

I saw these three videos within a half hour of each other, and the result was a blubbering mess. I really couldn't decide which order to share them in, so I'm just listing as I found them.

When I think about what I want to share as "inspirational," I wait to see what crosses my path, I don't (not saying I haven't EVER, but it's proven useless, so I don't anymore) go out looking for something to inspire. The way the world seems to work (for me) is that what is meant to come into my field of vision, does. And the less I go searching it out, the more I just pay attention, the more I find what really moves me.

First... Mitchell. I found Mitchell's Journey off a "like" from a friend on Facebook. The video below is one of many videos about Mitchell--the family has done an amazing job at documenting the past couple of years of Mitchell's Journey, as their Vimeo page attests. If you're on Facebook, the notes and updates are similarly thorough, and I guarantee you won't come away without awe at Mitchell's parents' strength, courage and faith in the face of the unthinkable.

Much as I'd like to embed the next video I saw, the happy couple wants you to go watch it on YouTube. I'm amazed I've never seen it before--since it has more than 18 million views, you probably have... But how happy I was to finally see it! From what I've read and seen (they did a followup video--Yes to Love), there was a lot of family assistance in the video, which is very sweet.

Lastly, Tim.

Seth and I watched this one together and both felt very moved and inspired by Tim's story. I can't imagine you won't, as well. It's a hopeful kind of story, so these tears were at least happier tears...

So the takeaway from all this feeling and crying? I guess I would say:

In the face of loss, in the joining together of lives, in the triumph over adversity: Love is all.

I hope your Monday (well, the whole week, really) reminds you of love, to love, to *be* love.


  1. I saw the second two videos...they were great and inspirational (although Dave might disagree with #2 - sets the bar quite high LMAO!). I'm already a blubbering mess...a man I've worked with here for 15 years passed away Friday from the SAME cancer I had. He had 5 grown kids, 12 grandkids and 1 great grand. I have nothing. Why him and not me??! It makes me so mad. Not that I WANT to die, but I feel like he had SO much more in his life than I did.

    1. I will take issue (most gently and kindly) with your statement that you have nothing, Janet. You have a great deal of love in your life, and you GIVE a great deal of love wherever you go. I see you and the way you are with Dave's kids and grandkids--there's nothing that says blood would make that bond any tighter.

      When loss like this happens, I know it's difficult to understand why, but I find it helpful to focus on what's left to be done with my life... your life. You're still here for a reason, Janet. And you're living life to the fullest, which is all any of us can do. Go hug that sweet Ralphy and know that you are making a difference.

      I am sorry for the loss of your coworker. Hugs. xo

  2. Thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing these stories again...I had seen no.2 before but loved it again.

    It seems to me that all three of these stories go together like our lives twist and turn and falter and soar...they show life as it really is.

    I love you, dear girl. Thank you for sharing your gifts.


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