Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Midweek reminder: Kids are still being called names

Seth shared this with me and I can't help but re-share.

Check out Shane Koyczan's site. He's got a pretty powerful message, and I like his delivery too.

Today, say a prayer of thankfulness that you are grown, not in high school or even worse, middle school. And then, say a prayer for every kid you know who IS still in those environments, and a prayer for every grown person who carries the scars of earlier times.

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  1. Every SINGLE day I thank God that I am a grown up. Seriously. I am so grateful that the majority of my life is spent as an adult. Childhood and teenager (and even young twenties) was not for me! I love being a grown up.

    I'm also so very grateful that we have Gracie's little school to send her to. All the time, people ask us "our public school is so good, so highly rated, why do you send her there?" and it's because of the amazing community at that school. She's part of something, and she knows it. It's not all happiness every day- there are social struggles for all the kids (as there will be in any group of kids in any place) but they are resolved rather than overlooked or swept under the rug. Her presence is something that's important to the entire school, as is every single child that goes there. It's a little community of kids and teachers and parents and I'm so grateful she gets to be part of that. I hope and pray that we can find another great educational community for her when she's ready to move on (her school only goes to grade three at the moment).


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