Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten Word Tuesday

Go figure: Productive days sprout from dark hours of sleeplessness.


  1. I find sleepness nights precede days that must be productive.

    1. For me, I think the productivity comes from having been in my own head too much in the night (spinning on some issue or other), and just getting up and saying "enough of THAT!" and moving to the action, which always makes me feel better. Day 2 after not enough sleep, though... not so good.

  2. Sleepless nights make eyes heavy and my spine feel weighted.

  3. sleep before midnight counts double... and last night I went to sleep about 7 PM...so by midnight that counts as 10 hours!

    Today I feel 100%.

  4. But I have had some very productive days after tossing and turning...it can only be one bad sleepless night though...not much good happens for me if I am in a streak of sleepless nights. You are right. That is probably why we both got sick on our cruise. We were exhausted when we started out.


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