Monday, March 26, 2012

Common Miracles: Week #46

If you've clicked over to this blog itself, whether you came in via RSS or email subscription, you'll notice that it looks a little different...

Such a silly girl am I, I thought I'd change the blog banner last night to something un-resembling a Valentine's Day theme... not really a hearts gal, for all my Sweet Tea and Sunshine-ness...

And so it began.

You know that thing they tell you about backing up your blog (if you don't, take my word for it)? Well. I didn't. And so, POOF, much of the formatting I'd customized a couple of years back vanished... After a brief pause, and a realization that no, indeed, I did NOT back up, I regrouped. No worries, I'll just pick a new blog theme, and we'll have a fresh look. Yep, that's what I did. And in the process, I found some really cool, fun templates, but they didn't meet my "needs," exactly... Hours later, I was texting Jen in the middle of the night for guidance and thinking of course that I HAVE to stay up until it's beautiful again.

What's the Common Miracle here? None, that I can see. This is a truly "first-world" problem, if ever there was one. I am happy to be back up and running, in a mostly clean and attractive format, and I will play and tweak and maybe even work on something Even Better over spring break... I just wanted to share how this new look came about.

But my common miracles for today include:
* Blue skies after the rain... and a sunset to top it off beautifully.
* That fabulous scarf, which continues to ward off bad days.

* Great citrus... makes me happy in a glass or in a salad or just straight out of the peel.
* A few minutes of watching Seth play doubles tennis this evening, in the sunshine.
* Laughing with coworkers... problem-solving with coworkers. (A coworker helped me solve one of my blog issues, many many thanks!)
* Sending packages off into the international postal stream (it will be a miracle if this one arrives at its intended destination, for sure. This is the THIRD attempt; don't ask.)
* My first good strawberries of the season. Can't wait until I can put "local" in that sentence too...
* Gray fingernail polish. (Trust me.)
* My favorite salad (or, one of them--I have a lot of favorite salads!) available at a drive-thru lunch spot: greens and roasted pears and blue cheese and candied cashews and champagne vinaigrette. Perfect mid-day revival.
* Quiet. Absolute, peaceful stillness. Having less of that these days, I cherish it more.

Not a very original list today... but those were my pause-and-enjoy-it moments. My cherish-it-because-things-can-change-in-an-instant moments. My... OK, I'll stop with the over-hyphenation. You get my drift.

I hope you had some savoring moments today too.

To see how the Common Miracles project began, go here.


  1. lol oops! This is why I haven't upgraded my blog in years...well, that and both of the designers that worked on it no longer do design and I'm WAY too cheap to pay for anything.

    1. i like the clean look! fresh and springy, true to the season. opens up possibilities in the mind...:) and i love the reminder of all there is to be thankful for, over and over. it keeps me grateful too!

  2. Common Miracle: you didn't lose your archives. In one of my earlier incarnations of my online journal, before blogging software and websites, I redesigned and *poof* accidentally deleted my folder of archived entries off the server! Oddly enough, some guy from Tokyo had saved all my webpages to his computer (??? I was so grateful to get the archives back I didn't question it) and I got most of the entries back.

    I love your CM list. I really do. The citrus one resonated with me- we recently got a Trader Joe's here (first and only one in Florida, and it is HERE- now that's a Common Miracle!!) and I'm addicted to these tiny Persian cucumbers they sell. Usually I just eat cucumbers on sandwiches but I've been putting them on everything. They make me very happy. Tom likes them, too, so it's double good stuff.

    Quiet is so good. The house next door is having a new roof put on and on the days when the roofers aren't here it seems so quiet that it's almost spooky. But I LOVE it.

    1. Very true on the archives. I have NOW backed up this version, since I plan on playing further with it, of course! And yeah, what's with some guy having it saved? That's a super-fan, for sure!

      And I'm trying not to be jealous of your Trader Joe's, but that might be asking a bit too much of me today... enjoy your yummy cucumbers!

  3. I like your new look. After the dust settles and the frustration disapates... the end results are very nice.

    I can relate to computer problems as much as anyone... I specialize in problems... which really are opportunities.

    Good result. Nice job.

  4. I do like your fresh new look...a lovely outlook on the world. I am about due to try something new too. It is fun to update and play around a bit.

    It is very nice to see these every day regular blessings in your life, counted as small miracles. Very nice, indeed.

    Some years ago I discovered a champagne vinegar that makes the best vinaigrette ever. It really does something to the vegetables and whatever you have in your salad.

    Peace and quiet are great blessings. We have found an area just east of Tucson that is out of the city that is very peaceful and we do like the desert. Will go back there for sure another year.


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