Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Imagine the most happy sound you can think of, something between a squeal of glee and a sigh of contentedness... that's me right now. It's Friday night and that itself is sheer bliss around here.

A week with some sun didn't hurt, either. Well, OK, it wasn't the whole week, but boy these last few days have been lovely. I have been so grateful for the sunshine! Getting up in the morning, peeking out behind the blinds and seeing clear skies? Fabulous! Rumor has it that Chill is returning, and bringing its dear friend Rain with it... I won't argue, since we need moisture, but I sure wish it could be scheduled so that weekends are lovely and whatever rain is necessary falls between Monday and Friday. Just a thought...

As I sat in Seth's school conference this morning, with his teachers all chiming in on his freshman year, I felt grateful indeed for the thought they put in to this semester review of his classes, and the time they take to meet with us. Seth's doing well, and that's always good to hear, but aside from that, it's nice to learn a bit about these people who spend time with my kid. One observation: he has more male teachers now than he's had to this point, combined. His only female teacher is English (and he adores her), and the rest--science, algebra, history, music, PE--all guys.

The work week was a pretty good one, progress made, slowly but surely. I'm grateful for the weekend to recharge and take some time to think about a few aspects of the project, and hopefully return Monday with some ideas and energy again. I am also grateful for the more technically-inclined who are working on the project with me, very much.

I attended a training session (two sessions, actually) this week relating to nonprofit leadership work and it was time well spent. The training and approach to problem-solving has applications for so many areas of my life, personally and professionally, and I'm grateful that I had the opportunity, AND for the people I got to train with. Good, thoughtful, intelligent people with a real heart for sharing their skills with others. I am intrigued to see where this goes...

This week we had an event at work, and I made that delicious s'mores pie for everyone. Actually, the s'mores pie came about in anticipation of that work event, and I was experimenting with it to see how making large-ish amounts would work. I'm grateful the recipe turned out so well when multiplied over and over (I made 150 squares, 5 pans of 30) and I'm also grateful that it was one of those recipes that you can make a day ahead and it tasted great, was nice and gooey and exactly what you'd want a s'more to be. Shocking as it may sound, I'm kinda over s'mores for the moment... overload? Maybe a little...

I'm grateful to have a mother's heart. I remember when I was pregnant with Seth and I would be driving home from work and see a local man who quite obviously struggled with daily life functions and mental health issues, walking along on his way here or there. (If you live in a small town you know what I mean. Every town has a few people who wander and talk to themselves. Or maybe it's just our small town?) My heart would soften and invariably I would start to cry--partly for the man himself, but also for the mother who bore him, and all the hopes and dreams she undoubtedly had for him. And of course I would also cry because I knew I would soon be having a boy that I would have hopes and dreams for too, and how would that all work out? Some things you think you can know (especially in your 20s), and other things you realize you won't be able to impact to the extent you'd like... and so you (I) cry.

Big side note: I do not think you have to be a mother to have a mother's heart. In fact, I don't even think you have to be female. I just chose that word because it's coming from my heart. Maybe it would be better to say an "open" heart. A heart that empathizes and sympathizes.

Words of love and affection. Words of blessing and worship. Words of encouragement and hope. Words that elicit laughter, or tears, or deep sighs. All these, and so many more, I am grateful for. Sometimes I reflect that my high interest in information and reading and discovering really all comes down to words. How they are put together and what meaning they can convey. I certainly don't mean to sound like I only read lofty things--as if!--but I do think that the world opens up with words in a way that is unique. I am grateful every day for the ability to read what others have written and be moved by it, and the ability to put words together too. It's such a blessing.

Can you tell I've got shoes on the brain? I feel like I'm in a "black flats rut" right now--actually I'm feeling like I'm in a black-brown-gray rut, period, ready for some spring and summer COLOR--and was just thinking this morning: "I need to go shoe shopping!" So I'm sharing my top dream picks with you! (Rhonda, my dear shoe friend, shall we go soon?)


I am grateful for colorful shoes!

What are you grateful for on this Friday evening?

I hope the list is long and includes those near and dear, as well as possibly a few further away. I am grateful for you, wherever you are tonight.



  1. I don't often lust after shoes, but those GreenKeen shoes... holy smokes. *sigh* And if I could wear rainboots, I would wear them with everything, I think. Seriously.

    Right now I am INCREDIBLY grateful for sunshine. I am so grateful the pool heater got fixed so I can swim without a wet suit. I'm glad that it looks like my nasturtiums, which got desimated in last week's freak storm, *might* be growing back. I'm grateful that Gracie is almost over her double ear infection and was able to go back to school on Thursday (she LOVES school and isn't a happy camper when she can't go). I'm happy for the opportunity to read books before they hit the market because they are usually books I *wouldn't* pick up in a bookstore and it forces me to shake things up a little bit- I got a couple of new ones this week that look interesting. I'm grateful for big "a-ha" moments, discoveries of the soul that give me hope. I'm also grateful for big "a-ha!" moments about faith and spirituality (had one this week that shifted a lot for me!) I'm so grateful for my little family and all my little pets. I'm grateful for watercolor paints and cups of tea and glue sticks and pretty patterned paper. And pizza with olives on it. And big green salads.


  2. How lovely to be able to read your blog again...we went through quite a few minutes of internet on the ship but am happy to have it working in the hotel on land in our room. I am grateful for that.

    I am grateful to have just heard your voice, up close! So good to hear you and Alan.

    Love, love, love those beeboots and the flowered high heels and the union jack flats. I am such a nut for shoes.

    Now I will go back through last week and read all your blog posts.

    Thanks for the cheer. Oh yes, so happy you get good reports on your boy at school. So proud of him. (in the best possible way).

    Thankful also for tummy bug being over...

    Thankful for all 7 of my kids. It is the best possible feeling just to think about all of you.

  3. love those hanging shoes...and those Keens!

  4. You have uh-mazing taste in footwear!

    And I know what you mean about a mother's heart. I wish everyone were so endowed.


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