Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Home, blessed home, so ready for the weekend... this is bliss to me: warm, tucked away, cozy.

I think I've stated my intention to at least a couple of friends that I don't plan on leaving the house all weekend, if I can help it. Lazy, not so much. Homebody, definitely.

I will indeed be grateful if I can pull that off. 

And I'm grateful for a few other things as well...

So it's March. Kind of hard to believe, that the first two months of the year having flown by. Whoosh, zoom. I'm grateful a new, more springy month is here--it makes spring break just that much closer! And it also should mean warmer weather is on the way? (Yes, the question mark is on purpose.)

See, even Eeyore has something to be grateful for! True, we haven't had a tornado, or hurricane, or an earthquake. But I am ready to see that gradual warmth of spring. Snow, you had your chance. So when I see you skulking around like you did the other morning, I want to banish you! Be gone. It's time for sunshine and green leaves and budding trees, crocuses and hyacinths...

Our hot tub went on the fritz in the middle of the cold spell. I am indeed grateful that nothing bad happened (frozen pipes, pump, etc.) in the freezing temperatures, and that a temporary fix is holding until the permanent fix arrives in a week or so.

I discovered a new street artist this week, Colin Huggins. I cannot for the life of me remember where I first found him, or who from. (If you're the one who alerted me, accept my apologies and claim the moment.) Busking is not without controversy, of course, so I had to read a bit about him and his performances in Washington Square Park, Times Square, etc., in NYC, and how the city is cracking down on street performances.

This video has a real "early days" OK Go feel, to me. There are plenty of other videos on YouTube of Colin playing in his various spots around the city, with dancers and other singers as well. I have no idea how he really makes enough of a living to make a go of NYC, but his Kickstarter campaign last summer netted him a new piano, so there you go!

I am grateful for creativity and guts and a little bit of nuts, too.

I'm grateful for Seth's good friends. High school has brought new people into his world, and some distance from mom being able to weigh in on new friends, especially. I met a young man this week that Seth has become buddies with this year, and was very grateful to see and hear that he's polite, bright, articulate and polite. I like polite, can you tell? (And not in the Eddie Haskell kind of way)

When I get bone-chilled and nothing else will cure it, not a robe and hot chocolate, not fuzzy socks and the fire (well that might do it, but that's a bit of a process), I am grateful for a hot bath. Doesn't have to be fancy and bubble-bathy, just nice and hot, with maybe a book...

I am not always a fan of the "she" quotes that are so popular these days. I think I liked them more when they weren't everywhere... that tends to kill whatever clever, original thought might have otherwise come out of certain sayings. (I'm sure some feminists would/could think I'm not comfortable with my woman power. Whatever. I see those quotes as actually minimizing women, not enhancing them. But now I'm off on a tangent, so I'll come back to the grateful.) Anyway, the quote above--whether you're an Elizabeth Edwards fan or not--was one that stayed with me. The idea of adjusting my sails to accommodate variances in the weather, I like that. And I am grateful to have adjusted my sails in the past and know that whatever life tosses at husband and I, we'll adjust.

I am grateful for my home life, husband and boy, and the love that we share. It is a blessing that can't be measured, truly. Or it could, but the measuring cup had better be plenty big!

All the sayings I've tucked throughout my list this week speak to me. I am so grateful to live this life with the people around me that I have for love and support--dearest family, lovely friends--and that growth and learning opportunities, however challenging they may appear at the time, are abundant. And I'm grateful for the words that we hear along the way, powerful words of encouragement, gentle words of kindness and nudging words of help and guidance.

I read a news piece this week about the family of one of the boys who was killed in Ohio by another teenager. They spoke of teaching their son to live for each day, and that forgiveness is divine. I read that and wondered if I could ever forgive, much less the DAY AFTER my son was killed. I also wondered if they were in shock. But I was grateful to read their words, and hope that their perspective will help in the healing process.

Wishing you a weekend of peace and quiet (if that's what you want--noise aplenty, if that's on your list too!). May you find words to lift and encourage you and send you into the new week with energy and light.



  1. I'm SO tempted to stay in all weekend, too. We had tickets to go see the Lorax, but Gracie came down with double ear infections and a fever, so we'll just lay low. I think... Gracie's at my parents' house today so we have this opportunity to go to the movies ourself, something we haven't done in weeks, but I'm not in the mood. I'm a little concerned that I'm kind of getting back into the bad habit of staying home and not even doing things like going to the movies, dinner, etc. because it takes energy that I can't imagine summoning. Once I do it, I'm so happy I did. But right now, I just feel like staying home.

  2. Love the quotes!

    Especially the CS Lewis one.

  3. I love your grateful moments. I love it that some of them are the same week to week, that you don't take things for granted that don't change, that the fundamentals are recognized and appreciated. And I love the new and different and quirky that you find and share, because sometimes I get so absorbed in MY day to day that I forget to look. Thanks for the reminders and your grateful spirit. It inspires me to do the same.

  4. Thank you so much for the quotes...some new. Thanks for the reminder from 'Alice' about the 6 impossible things before breakfast concept!

    I am responding to this only one week late...just now getting around to reading your posts for last week and so have to tell you that I was happy to get to New Orleans last Friday night and it was downright Warm and then to have some good warm days in the Caribbean. You will so like spring when it truly comes and I wish it for you as soon as possible.


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