Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck 'o the Irish!

May the blessings of each day
Be the blessings you need most.
-Irish Proverb

Remember this shamrock, from just last night?

Well, I'm sure you didn't have a hard time imagining what was underneath that green four-leaf clover...

Which made for a lovely mid-afternoon snack, but was rich enough that now we're all craving something NOT sweet!

Inspired, of course, by this cake at iambaker, there is no real recipe to share, other than: be prepared to part with a good portion of a bottle of green food coloring. And my other tip: be delicate in the adding of this food coloring. You can always go darker, but it's pretty impossible (without another cake mix) to lighten up.

Side note: I learned just yesterday that there are moms who make little Leprechan footprints around the house on St. Patrick's Day, and that little green treats are left by these Leprechauns... I had no idea I had fallen down so resoundingly in this world of "mythical characters are real." I had never even heard of doing that. It's well documented that I've never been big on Santa as a real guy, and I thought everyone knew the Easter Bunny is made up (I've since learned otherwise). I think the one little lie I went along with was the Tooth Fairy, for a while, but even that got me the sideways wary eye from Seth...  

Anyway, this cake is my nod to the Leprechaun dude and his compatriots! Anything for a little green, I say! (Although I've been told that I should be making an orange cake, what with being Protestant and all. But MY green cake is not affiliated with any religious or political ideologies, so there.)

I complained that I had no shoes 
Until I met a man who had no feet. 
-Irish saying

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!


  1. The cake is AMAZING - the lepruchan stuff... not so much. I just don't have energy for that. I think Gracie would rather me save that energy for her and the stuff we do. I admire people who can do it all, though...

  2. Nice! I'm loving the shamrock on top of the cake most of all. You are so creative! I made Irish car bomb cupcakes via Pinterest--a cuppa Guinness in the choc cake, a wee bit o' Jamesons whiskey in the ganache and a wee bit o' Baileys in the frosting. They're regular sized cupcakes and I ate two.. but they are likkered up enough I shoulda stopped at one. Wheeeee. Rich. Now I think I'm seeing leprechaun feet.

  3. Major apologies for keeping leprechaun footprints out of your childhood. Sheesh...didn't know the importance. We had corned beef and cabbage at Stan and Sharyl's and it was so good. Didn't know cabbage could be so tasty. It was very yummy.

    Was curious to see what you had hidden inside that cake but we have a conversation about the contents of the GREEN shamrock on top...please tell us what that is made of.

    Wishing you sunshine on your path ahead and rainbows hanging over you.


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