Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Sun! The day ended in sun! The whole grateful list could be summed up right there. But, of course, I can't possibly be content to leave it at that... 

So, if we HAD to have snow this week, which apparently we did, I'm grateful that it was so pretty and big-of-flake. AND, it was a quick wintery moment--GONE BY NOON. So, all the prettiness, none of the real hassle. Sweet. Now cross your fingers with me that the sweet and lovely apricot tree made it through unscathed--the blossoms were still there after the snow, but I'm fearful that the slightly freezing weather may have harmed the actual fruit-making stuff. (Very agricultural sounding, "stuff," eh?)

The "extra Seth" this week was bonus, and I'm so grateful for that time. He actually doesn't head off until tomorrow morning, so the sweetness continues for a few more hours. We've had some great conversations and time together, reading or watching Endgame (our new Hulu+ fix--a show set in Vancouver, B.C., so beautiful!) the past couple of weeks... a true joy that boy is. And, seven short days from now, spring break begins! Oh the joys of looking forward to things and having them finally come around.

 Grandma wearing Seth's fedora on our most recent visit.

I bought some birthday cards today--some special birthdays are coming up! One of them was for my grandma, who will be 93 in a couple of weeks. 93! I am so grateful to have a grandparent still around, in my advanced years. I guess I should thank my parents for having children while they were young, eh? (Thank you, Ma and Pa!)

I'm grateful for Chief. He has evened out a bit, not nearly as clingy and glued to our sides as the first couple of weeks after Darby passed. He comes in, he goes out, he comes in again. (He has a hard time making up his mind.) He stands and watches me cooking in the kitchen, and I encourage him to stand back a bit and that petting time comes AFTER dinner time... But he's sweet and constant, and strangely enough his barking has gone waaaaaay down since he's been an only dog. What's with that? Was he barking for an audience? Funny guy.

I spent the better part of today at a nonprofit learning session hosted by a local foundation. I'm grateful for opportunities to learn and grow, asking questions (not necessarily unanswerable ones, see above) in good company. Some information I had heard before, but I also learned many new things or ways of looking at things, and the woman who taught it was on the ball. I am always impressed at people's memories, when things click for them. She remembered quite often, after introductions of 25 groups (consisting of 2-5 people per group), which nonprofits were being represented by whom. And I have a hard time with names of people I've met a few times, even.

Conversation. Dialogue. Back and forth. It is not a common thing to be able to converse without judgment, without either person hijacking the conversation for their own agenda, and with honesty and a real desire to know truth. I am very grateful to have a precious few in my life who I can engage with, in that way. It never fails to make my heart happy.

Husband is a big part of my favorite conversations. We talk, debate, laugh, talk some more, laugh some more, continue with the debate... always interesting, and I know I (usually) learn something. I'd like to think he does too (sometimes). Seth told me a couple of lovely things about his observations of us this week that touched my heart, and his love of his step-dad (and vice versa) is something that really does make all of our lives immeasurably richer. I am so very grateful for our family time together.

With the weekend upon us, I can't help but be grateful for the sleep I am sure will come. My weeknight sleeps have been good, but probably not quite long enough. I'm thinking that the weekend sleeps will (hopefully) stretch out in their gloriousness, to catch me up and get me ready to go another round.

I hope your weekend is filled with the things you need to get you ready for another week! What are you grateful for tonight? May the list be long.



  1. Sher, I absolutely love that quote about pursuing unanswerable questions. Thank you so much for sharing that. Good company...indeed. xo

  2. I love that quote too...just wrote it down in my little black book of good stuff. It may come back to be seen another day in another blog.

    But I have to say the cartoon at the end is a winner!

    Happy for all your reasons to be grateful. Which makes me very grateful.

  3. I am grateful that you appreciate your grandmother... She is a wonderful woman who everyone loves.

    It is a good thing that you make the effort to see her as often as you do...
    and that Seth gets to know her too.

    I never knew my grand parents. on either side.. let alone my great grandparents.
    That is what happened since my dad was 46 when I was born.

    "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
    they are the charming gardeners
    who make our souls blossom." -Marcel Proust

  4. I was SO lucky that I got to grow up in the same house as my grandma. She passed a few years back, and it was *very* difficult. But I was at peace with it because I got so MUCH of her in my life, and I knew her well. My only regret is that she wanted to meet Gracie before she passed, and she left us five months before Gracie came home. But after she passed was when we got matched with Gracie, so I believe she had something to do with that.

    Snow. SNOW? Snow! It's pretty much summer here in SW Florida- I think this may be our last cycle of cool (meaning, low 80's) weather and then BLAMMO. It's already been storming, which is unusual for March, so it might be an early summer for us. We have the most beautiful blue skies, though. I don't know if they are actually brighter and more saturated or I'm appreciating them more, but wow. So beautiful. I'm becoming obsessed with cloud watching...


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