Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek inspiration: The wind blew in and woke the deep

the wind blew in and it took no time to take it all, to take what’s mine

the wind blew fierce
took my youth
what I used to love
what I used to do

and all things haunted
by wrong and right
by time that moves and endless nights
a violent rescue, a brilliant feat
the wind blew in and woke the deep

woke it up and set it free

i thought it bad when first it blew
but when i saw the truth i knew
that all the winds of change can't scatter
is all that really, really matters

so from the form of rules and things
toward the breath of which God sings

I stood in awe and watched it blow
quicken my blood and wake my soul

the wind blew in and woke the deep
woke it up and set it free
-Summer Mayne 

When I first read this poem, I loved the meter and rhythm best; I read it again and fell in love with the words. Now, of course, I love both aspects.

I've known Summer for a number of years, through my brother and sister-in-law, and her energy is infectious. And her yoga teaching is legendary; if you're in the Seattle area, you should check her out! Thank you, Summer, for sharing your words.


  1. That's *lovely*. I am really in touch with awe right now. For some reason, that has become my default with the natural world (and with the spiritual one, as well), which is fine by me :)

  2. yes, a very fine collection of words..

  3. I read the poem several times.
    and all the more since I have met Summer.

  4. There was one small detail in the first part of the poem that I found sounds like Summer Mayne thinks her 'youth used to be'.

    But all spoken very well.

  5. Islander: I think all of us...even kids...feel our youth is taken sometimes. Maybe part of the journey of life is the taking back our youth. With a little help from the wind ;-)

    1. And Summer is right...the wind cannot blow away that which really matters.


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