Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day video joy

I saw this video posted on a friend's blog: Triple Dog Dare Me. Check out her blog, as well as the video; it's a hoot. Meghan, the very entertaining blog writer, was once Seth's babysitter of choice (for a number of years!), and is the daughter of a dear friend. She's off to make her way in the "big city" and we wish her well with her daring adventures! I just had to repost this video. Such a good smile.

And then there's this creative video featuring an interesting take on grocery shopping. Not sure I've got what it takes to give this a whirl, not to mention how my produce already in the cart might feel as well... but still, good fun.

Happy Memorial Day! I will later post on the wicked rhubarb crisp we partook of this afternoon, following what was a truly memorable Perfect Bite (TM)-filled meal of steak for me and salmon (well, surf and turf really, I gave a wee bit of my steak away, sweet wife that I am) for the husband, with all the fixings of summer. A truly glorious way to spend the holiday, whilst wrapping up a riveting season of 24 from the dvr. Life is truly blissful.

Oh, and I should mention it before things change and I won't get to toot Ruby's little kudos trumpet: She hasn't chewed a garden hose ALL DAY. Not there's something! I know that pretty much as soon as I write this I'll go outside and something will have been chomped on, but I just wanted to get that little bit of doggy praise out there while I could! (It doesn't happen too often, as you know!)

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  1. When I saw the train station dance video I thought, Sher would love this!


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