Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

I'm barely making it in under the radar this week... But I'm bound and determined that this is a Friday night grateful moment, not some Saturday morning, post-coffee, grateful moment. So it may be a little shorter (we did a quick jaunt to Tri Cities after work/school today), but it's heartfelt nonetheless.

This week I'm extra-grateful for:
* Good health for me and my family. I do not take that for granted. Daily I hear or read stories of illness/accidents/sadness from near and far. My heart goes out to so many parents, children, spouses, friends. I started following a blog this week of a shaken-baby survivor: Noah's Road. Courage, family of Noah.

* Seth's back for another week of fun and frivolity. And chores and grumbling and homework and trumpet too. But still, he's back and all's right with the world. The hugs, oh the hugs.

* My husband's sense of humor. I do love laughing with him. Even when it's at/with me! Apparently my snorting is quite humorous. Who knew?

* That I was raised in a family with a work ethic. Didn't always love the chores, but I am glad they existed and that I learned the work first, play second rule early on. Hasn't always stayed front and center, but it's embedded enough that I return to it, at least!

* Summer food is on its way. Earlier this afternoon, I prepped for the first potato salad of the season for a picnic tomorrow. Hot dogs. Deviled eggs (not like we wait for summer on those...). Ice cream. Tomatoes from the garden. Zucchini from the garden. Squash from the garden. Basil. Basil. More Basil. Mmmm. Can't wait.

* Gracious people. There are so many people you run into (not literally, you know what I mean!) every day who are ungracious. They push. They crab. They want you to be aware of their needs. Their agenda. Ugh. When you meet someone gracious, it really stands out. That's kind of sad. But it does make me aware of how I come across, and how being gracious is a goal. I had a job candidate say to me this week that they wanted to leave each company they were at better than when they'd gotten there. A good sentiment.

* The smells of springtime. So much is blooming, so much is scented and wafting! Very nice. From the lilacs to the hyacinths and soon the mock orange will be blooming too... The flower picture I posted above is one of my favorites, but my Friday night brain simply can't remember what it's called. I call it yummy, but I don't think that's the official name.

* Creativity. Always. Check out this entirely fun video.

Happy weekend! May you have sunshine and peace, wherever you are!

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  1. I always love your grateful lists.

    That video was incredible.


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