Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

This week I'm:
* Grateful for antibiotics and ear drops. And a husband who knows how to put the drops in my ear JUST SO.

* Grateful for the rain at the beginning of the week, very nice to not have to turn on the sprinklers, yet.

* Grateful for sunshine, all the better to make the green stuff grow and bloom!

* Grateful for the continuing lack of allergies. Hallelujah! Even post-lawn-mowing tonight!

* Grateful that the special flu is not here yet! (One of the first things Seth said when I picked him up from school: "Maybe we should stay inside all weekend to avoid the flu." Yeah, right. I think someone's looking to avoid yardwork!)

* Grateful for a lovely week with the husband, but happily, the boy is home safe and sound! Let the celebration continue onward through Mother's Day. (Who doesn't love Mother's Day, really? Best holiday. Ever. And I'm saying that looking toward my own mother as much as myself, really. Really.)

* Grateful for laughter. Just wish sometimes I didn't snort unexpectedly... how did that start happening? I am going to be THAT old lady. I'm just preparing you now.

* Grateful for faith in the Bigger Picture, aka Larger Plan... and my little place in it.

* Grateful for friends and all that they bring to my life, and my hope to in small, individual ways pay it back/forward over time. Also, grateful for closure and resolution for some friends. New opportunities for others. And for still others, peace and quiet and enjoying where they are. Right. This. Minute. Ah.

* Grateful for Smarties. Did you know they are only 5 calories each? Such a happy little candy. God bless Canada. (Yes, I'm talking about the M&M wannabes, not those little rolls of pressed sugar... though those aren't bad either...)

* Grateful for flowers and blooming and grass, even though it took me 2x as long to mow today, simply because of the aforementioned rain and sunshine. Looking forward to planting some pots this weekend! (See, Seth, it's not ALL about weeding!) (Just mostly.)

Flowers, ready for planting!

These remind me of my Grandma Goerlitz. I have a bunch of these sweet bleeding hearts, and love it when they bloom each spring.

Look what I found, Ma! Wire vine! And this side of the border too! Now let's just see if I can keep it alive!

Happy weekend! And happy May Day too. I can't believe it's May already...

1 comment:

  1. What is wire vine? Do tell!

    Your flower shots inspired me to shop for my poor neglected garden.
    It is time to swap some screen time for green time!


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