Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday 13: My 13 favorite songs right this minute

Music is a big deal to me. Maybe not quite as big a deal as food, but pretty high on the list. I can track very specific memories to songs, time periods in my life, etc. (Not that I think I'm unique in this... I think most people are like that to a certain extent.) I'm no Rob from High Fidelity, but I'm just dweeby enough to make music mixes for just about every occasion.
My mix of current musical obsessions changes frequently... here are my 13 favorite songs, today. Some were recently discovered, others have been on the list for some time... The links are all to YouTube, fyi. Happy listening/viewing.

1. The Way I Am. Ingrid Michelson. Still. Favorite. Maybe forever?
2. New Shoes. Paolo Nutini. Catchy and fun fun fun.
3. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk. Rufus Wainwright. For someone who doesn't smoke, I still love the sentiments in this song.
4. Everything. Michael Buble. I am in the "a little Buble goes a long way" camp, but this song is just precious to me.
5. Don't Speak. No Doubt. A little late to the Gwen Stefani party, I think she's very chic. So unlike me in every way... hence, chic!
6. Cellophane. Ashley Slater. I will forever associate this song with bombing up and down See Canyon this spring with Corinne. Happy sunshine times.
7. Sunny Day. Kristiina Wheeler. I love to sing along with this one. Loud. In the car. Please don't point and laugh.
8. Extreme Ways. Moby. This is from one of my favorite action movies too--The Bourne Identity. I think Moby is way cool.
9. Hide and Seek. Imogen Heap. Seth introduced me to Imogen and I love her voice, her style. Very unique.
10. Oh Timbaland. Timbaland. Love the rhythm of this song.
11. White Flag. Dido. This song has kitchen time written all over it. I used to listen to this Dido album on repeat while I prepped for catering events. Along with Jamie Cullum and Sarah McLachlan's Fallen album. Etched in my brain forever.
12. Falling Slowly. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Granted, I did actually fall slowly asleep during the movie, Once, that featured these two artists and their music; but the music itself stayed with me.

And last but not least,
13. Life is Wonderful. Jason Mraz. How fun is that video?

Not on the list of favorites yet, but maybe someday... I discovered a new (to me) group this week named God Help The Girl. Music not released for purchase for a few weeks yet, but also discovered the joy of imeem.

Here's the offer of the week: Send me your snail mail address to my email and I'll pop a CD with the above songs in the post to you.

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  1. The first time I heard of Ingrid Michaelson was on a local radio show in which she was an in-studio guest. She sang "The Way I Am" and I was thrilled to find when I got home and looked it up that it was as simple and beautiful as her on-air performance. I LOVE that song too. I think Jason Mraz is amazing. Great list--thanks for ideas for new music to check out! xoxo

  2. I've never heard of any of those other than Don't Speak. Great list - I'll have to look some of those up!
    Happy Thursday!
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