Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Ah, the weekend. And Mother's Day weekend too!

And for those of us lucky enough to live in Walla Walla, also the annual stampede of balloons. Of the many many years I have been living in Walla Walla, there have been more than a handful where the weather was flight-prohibitive and balloons spent the whole weekend on the ground. Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday I thought that would be the case this year... I think it probably still remains to be seen, but today dawned sunny and mostly clear. A few balloons made it up this morning (I didn't see ANY of them and was sort of keeping an eye out every few minutes in that general direction), and hopefully tomorrow and Sunday will have multitudes lifting off and heading out into the wheat/alfalfa/pea fields.

Update: Guess what came floating by as we were getting supper ready? Yup. About a half dozen or so made it up this evening, and the wind brought them to us! Hooray!

In addition to balloons, this week I'm grateful for:

* The sunshine (you didn't see that coming, did you?).

* My men. I know I'm loved and that's a great feeling. Mother's Day is icing on the cake. Being a mother to Seth is really a great deal of joy, every day. (See following grateful bullet for a less-so anecdote, but these are rare, and if you read closely, you'll notice Seth is just being Seth. Mom on the other hand, was having a highly sensitive moment.)

* My mother. I am a very lucky daughter. I got to see how great mothering is done. Now, if I could only do it every day... (Ask Seth exactly how PO'd I was just last night as he was fidgeting and twisting his hair while we were reading before bed. Extremely. For no reason. It was so annoying, all I could do was laugh. It was either that or... well, I can't say. That wouldn't be fitting on Mother's Day weekend. I'll tell you later.)

* My Mother's Day dogwood tree. It's blooming, right now. A little late, but very timely. This tree was the first present Alan and Seth bought for me together, 4 years ago. Good times.

* My brother and sister-in-law, for trekking over for the weekend, battling all manner of who-knows-what flu and colds all week in Seattle to come over and bring me licorice from Trader Joe's.

* Optimism. Could Michael J. Fox be any more amazing? I think not.

* Sunshine. Yes, it deserves a double-mention.

* Happy trends on the scale. Not feeling like TOO much work yet, but I know that day will come. I even watched Seth down a cookie dough DQ Blizzard this afternoon and was semi-satisfied with a bite. That's my story and I'm not wavering.

* Flowers in pots, and not having to water them every darn day yet! It's nice to have the pretty colors, but not yet gasping for moisture from the heat. See, I'm able to see the silver lining, even when my teeth have been chattering in the cold. Even today out mowing, the sun was shining brilliantly, but man, it was chilly.

* A cleaned out fridge. This is a real accomplishment for me, for some reason. I can't really ever figure out why fridges get dirty--everything is in containers when you put it away, right? So how do so many dribbles and drabs find their way onto the shelves? A mystery. I will strive to maintain this clean state! (And yes, that bright yellow container on the top shelf is lemon curd, for the highly anticipated lemon meringue cupcakes tomorrow!)

* A full moon coming up over the hills while enjoying the hot tub with the nieces and Seth. For this I am truly grateful. And for Kim's company and chatting, and for the evening air which really did hold the promise of summer, not just spring!

Happy cousins, enjoying a bounce together soon after welcome hugs!

Peace to all, and to all a good night!

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