Saturday, April 13, 2013

A-Z blogging challenge:
L is for Light

For the past few years, as the new year rolls around, I've picked a word as a theme of focus, rather than a longer set of goals and resolutions. It's worked well in the sense that I enjoy the simplicity of the One Little Word philosophy, and have felt the cumulative effect of the words over time, even after it's year is over.

I began in 2010 with Pause; 2011 brought about Focus. In 2012 I chose Grace, and finally, this year, I landed on Light.

I have done next to no actual writing or participating in the One Little Word world, as my work life and home life have kept me busy. But I wear my token of Light (a pendant with the word and year inscribed) almost daily, and in the act of putting it on, I reflect and remember all the things that Light symbolizes for me, and also Pause for a moment to focus (see, those words from previous years really do come back around again). (If needed, I'm also capable of extending a little Grace to myself, and others.)

My original post on Light says a lot of what I'm working toward accomplishing this year, but I have found a few additional Light-related thoughts to share along the way, as well.

The lamps are different, but the Light is the same.

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what Light I have."
-Abraham Lincoln

I have a Pinterest board devoted to OLW2013:Light, with more words and images, if you're a pinner and you're interested.

What do you think of when someone says Light is their word to focus on? There are so many different angles to take--I'm curious to hear yours.

What's this A-Z business about? Check out my kick-off post. And stay tuned for the random joy and nonsense I concoct during the month of April!


  1. Another brilliant post, I have never had a list of goals, but choose a new word every year, an am doing my post on the deck I have used to choose most words from. I absolutely adore your pendant idea. One of my favourite light quotes is - 'Sometimes the dimmest lantern is the brightest light'

    1. I like that quote, Ida. Sometimes I do feel like a dim lantern! Ha. But it's true--you just need a little light sometimes to guide the way, not some big spotlight. Nice thought.

  2. I love so many things about this post. Let's see; where do I begin.

    First, the images. If you've been on my blog much, you know I have a deep appreciation for images that illustrate what I am talking about and yours do that so much!

    I saw on your original Light post that you got a new camera, but I did not investigate further. I would imagine that camera is contributing to many types of light in your life this year.

    I had not hear of the One Little Word program and I am looking forward to checking that out.

    I joined Pinterest a few months ago, but have not been very intentional about pinning anything. Your pinboard looks amazing, though, and I am inspired to create something that moves and inspires me (and hopefully others).

    What do I think of when I think about light? I think of how much I love natural light in my home. I would love to live in a home where there was much more connection between the outdoors and the indoors through windows and doors. I love how the light lifts me up, and the powerful analogies that are everywhere in the ideas of light and darkness.

    You saw my L post today about Lightheartedness, and that is probably what I think of most when I think about Light.

    Do you know the Coldplay song Daylight? Here are part of the lyrics.

    On a hilltop, on a sky-rise
    Like a firstborn child
    And at full tilt, and in full flight
    Defeat darkness, breaking daylight

    Ooh and the sun will shine
    Yeah on this heart of mine
    Ooh and I realized
    Who cannot live without
    Ooh and come apart without

    Lovely post, Sherilee!


    1. Thanks, Susan. I appreciate your comments and the thought that went into them. I haven't heard that Coldplay song, so I'll have to check it out.

      My Pinterest boards rather grew out of a small obsession last year. The number of pins rather crept up on me. Then I went back to work full time and my evenings and play time are used up different than in the past... but that's OK, everything to its season.

      I agree that natural light is a beautiful thing to have in a home. I've had both darker homes and lighter homes and far prefer the lighter. I have a dream of living in Hawaii someday with one of those open lanais, where you can move in and out of the house easily, it's all open and breezy... big dreams!

  3. When I think of light, I think of love and peace as attributes associated with Light. I have been telling myself "Go lightly" approach things lightly--respond lightly. I love all the images of the word light...:)

    1. I need to remember the "go lightly," more often. I can tend to overreact at times, sadly. (Who, me?) But now I will repeat to myself, "Go lightly." Brilliant!

  4. After travelling and not having any decent internet or no internet, like last night... it is good to be able to get connected again.

    Great post on light. It made me think of that childhood song, "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine."

    Also love that Lincoln quote. Well done, Sher.

    1. Thanks, Pa. I like the "this little light of mine" song too. Takes me back...

  5. The Lord is my Light and my Salvation...

    That is the first thing that comes to mind...

    And the older I get the more I have to have light on the subject at hand!

    The Lincoln quote is excellent. Must borrow that.

    Again, my hat is off to you on this project! Love what you are doing.

  6. When I think of light I think of rejuvenation. Great post.

    Thanks for checking out my AtoZ.
    AtoZ #41

    1. Rejuvenation is a great word--I love that feeling! To me that is SPRING!

  7. Light means so many things- shining a light on something to understand it better, to go upon things with a little more ease, a sense of gentleness, truth, sunshine ... it's just such a compelling word.

    1. Thanks, Chel, that's exactly why I chose the word! It means so many things to me, and continues to unfold throughout the year (so far!).

  8. L: I love the "one little word" idea and admire you for how you've applied the concept for a while now. My word this year was going to be "procrastination," but I never got around to doing anything about it. (Hardy har har...)

    1. That made me laugh. But you knew it would, didn't you? Ha.


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