Thursday, April 4, 2013

A-Z blogging challenge:
D is for Daily inspiration

Some people call them devotionals. I do, too, depending on the day and the content; but wherever the words come from, they are my daily dose of inspiration. Having quiet minutes in the morning to get my head on straight before the day truly takes off... those are the few moments with exponential power to shape my mood and my forward motion.

Growing up, we had family morning devotionals. I remember being twitchy and mildly agitated, ready to get up and out the door. Let's go. Now. I didn't get--at all--the value of starting the day out with a prayer and a moment of peaceful thought. Thankfully, Seth seems to get it--how did I luck out that a 16-year-old will pause with us, happily, every morning and evening? God is indeed good to this mom.

Some of my favorites come into my inbox, every morning. I don't always read them all, but I do try and stop for one or two, before I head out to work. Sometimes it's a headline that will draw me in, or a quote, or a text. I get emails from the following:

The Bridgemaker

The High Calling

Daily Encouragement

Pema Chodron Foundation

And on Facebook, I follow Rumi, Oswald Chambers and C.S. Lewis, who each have morning words of wisdom. I know, kind of funny to have three dead men in my Facebook feed. But they are all very inspirational to me.

One of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes:
“I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.”

And Mr. Chambers:
“It is inbred in us that we have to do exceptional things for God: but we have not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things, to be holy in mean streets, among mean people, and this is not learned in five minutes.” 

 Last but not least, Rumi:
“This world is in deep trouble, from top to bottom. But it can be swiftly healed by the balm of love.”

Where do you go for daily inspiration? I am always looking for more, please share!

What's this A-Z business about? Check out my kick-off post. And stay tuned for the random joy and nonsense I concoct during the month of April!


  1. In my house, we have family devotionals in the morning, so I keep my private devotionals to nights.

    Usually, though, I prefer to study just the Bible and try to come to conclusions about what I've read.

    1. Sounds like a lovely way to start and end the day, Misha!

  2. I hope I'm as lucky as you when my daughter turns 16! That's wonderful that your son enjoys quiet devotional moments!

    Thanks for the recommendations for encouragement to check out!

    1. Thanks, Faith. I am blessed, indeed!

  3. Where do I find daily inspiration? You. :)

  4. I appreciate daily devotions...I write one each day for my blog. But I find such inspiration from God's Word that if given a choice, I choose the Bible hands down. Thanks for sharing your life with the world. I appreciate it!


  5. D: your Rumi quote goes right along with *my* efforts to spread more joy in my world. Love. ♥


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