Friday, April 26, 2013

A-Z blogging challenge:
W is for Wake up!

I wake up
...on mornings when I arise with the sun, knowing that no matter what the day before held (and possibly even the night, if sleep was scant), all will be well.

I wake up moments of clarity on a weighty matter on my mind; I breathe an audible sigh, knowing things will work out as they're meant to.

I wake up
...when I read words that resonate with me; words that remind me to stay true to what I believe and know to be right.

I wake up
...when I acknowledge the grief and loneliness that is inherent in being human on this planet, but also acknowledge the love and compassion that also exist.

I wake up
...when I remind myself of the blessings of love.

I wake up
...when I pray and meditate on life, and the peace and reassurance is palpable.

I woke up a pivotal life change that I didn't/couldn't control (divorce). It busted me out of ruts and habits and patterns, and turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.

It wasn't until some time after that pivotal life change that I was able to see the difference, the before and after--how it peeled back all of my layers. I felt exposed, raw, and very awake. Even though it was downright uncomfortable, many times, I was able to see a lot of possibilities about my life that I hadn't considered in a long time, maybe ever. I remember describing the state as "wakefulness" to a couple of girlfriends at that time, and since; some get it, others look at me a bit askance.

A little later on down the path, past the actual crisis and flux, I reflected on how easy it would be to get comfortable, to snooze a little, and become complacent. I resolved not to nap, not to fall back into a sleepy existence.

The notion of never "life napping" has proved (and will continue to prove, I think) challenging. There's nothing this world appears to want more than to lull us into complacency. And it is very easy to be lulled--by whatever it is that creates a false sense of self for any of us... that can range from the shallow, shiny bling-bling of life, to real and significant distractions--work, accomplishments, the ridiculous notion that any of us are what we DO all day. I can't speak more thoroughly and thoughtfully to the commitment to staying awake than Pema; she never fails to inspire.

So, I wake up!

I wake up
...and reflect on the glorious notion that I have one more day to live and breathe and love and cry and laugh and work hard and feel keenly.

I wake up
...and count myself fortunate, as well as beholden to good fortune, in paying back and paying forward, remembering my responsibilities as a citizen of my community and the world.

I wake up
...joyful in faith, confident in love, and prayerful for peace.

I wake up
...and count myself so thankful to live, woken up.

What's this A-Z business about? Check out my kick-off post. And stay tuned for the random joy and nonsense I concoct during the month of April!


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