Monday, April 29, 2013

A-Z blogging challenge:
Y is for Yellow

If you know me, at all, you know that green is kind of my "thing." I have countless green items--shoes, coats, hats, bags, scarfs, skirts, shirts, dresses, sunglasses, jewelry, nail polish, coffee mugs--you get my drift. I even have a Pinterest board devoted to the color.

So, yellow? A whole post filled with yellow pictures? Doesn't seem quite right, especially since I didn't devote G to green...

Truthfully, I have a kind of love-hate thing with yellow: there are shades I adore and want to inhale, but there are shades I wish could be banished from the universe. I remember the first time I saw 100% yellow come off a press, ink to paper, and I thought--horrors! that's awful! too bright, too garish! And I still do have that reaction, when I see many of the more "wow" shades of the color. But when I see yellow in nature, and the more mellow tones, then I am in love with the color.

And, whether there's any significance to it or not, pretty much every dream I have that is happy and memorable, yellow is a part of it. Yellow kitchens, yellow clothing, yellow fields, sunshine... If you read dream interpretation stuff (and/or take it seriously, a whole "other" matter), that's a good thing, it seems. 

And remember my One Little Word for 2013: Light? Yep, that word has yellow written all over it.

So today, I am yellow, and all that suggests: light, intuitive, clear, hopeful, happy, harmonious and wise. Yes, especially wise. That's the thing with interpretations, right? You get to take the stuff you like and ignore the rest!

What's this A-Z business about? Check out my kick-off post. And stay tuned for the random joy and nonsense I concoct during the month of April!


  1. Such beautiful yellow images!
    Happy blogging to the finish line - Z!

  2. I don't usually like yellow but some of those photos are fabulous! I especially like the autumn photo, and that of the kitchen. Very nice!

    1. Glad you enjoyed--I agree, yellow's not for everyone, or all the time!

  3. Gorgeous pics! I love the lemon wreath! :)
    A to Z April Blogging Challenge

    1. Thanks, Debra, me too! Now to figure out how to keep that fresh...

  4. Oh, that kitchen. I might die if I don't get that kitchen.

    1. I can head your way with a can of paint... just sayin'. :)

  5. Yellow is such a delicious colour. Lemon meringue pie, and lemon cheesecake are just a couple of my favourites.

    You like colour so much you could have dedicated this whole project and came up with 26 colours... But you have done a commendable job... all excellent posts... and I have loved them all. May your tribe increase.

    BTW... did you see Lee Eisman this past weekend on The Today Show? 20 years ago your mom took a 5-day colour class from her. Lee is the head colour consultant for Pantone... and she was on NBC to unveil the colour of the year. Someone has to pick them, you know. So she has picked Emerald Green for 2013. It made me think of you.

    Of all the "New" colours in the world I was quite surprised that she picked my favourite green, John Deere green, as the colour of the year! When you see me smiling on my tractor you will understand how good it feels to be "in style" with the right colour.

  6. Love the highway and the cookies ... although they're both so perfect they almost look fake! I love when nature looks "fake" because it's so colorful.

    Great job!

    Bradley Charbonneau (A to Z Challenge).


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