Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday night grateful moment

It's been a long week, and today has been a looooong day.

When I woke at 3:30 a.m. from a wild dream about sleeping through my alarm and being late for my plane (it was a goooood dream, really packed with action!), I just went ahead and got up. There's not a chance in the world I would have slept for another 15 minutes, and those extra minutes awake meant I wasn't running wild out the door, a la dream.

Left the house at 4:15 a.m. for an hour drive (through rain) to an hour flight, and landed in pouring down rain in Seattle. Took a cab (post-triple-shot latte, thank you very much Starbucks!) to a day of meetings, visited with other CHSW trustees and staff about issues relative to children and social services around the state, interacted with some actual children being served (very cute), did just enough emailing back and forth to work to get a few things done, took a cab back to the airport, flew back to my car, went to Costco for supplies for a work breakfast next week, drove home and here I am home. Snug as a bug. And grateful.

Grateful for travel safety, for myself and for my parents, who have been gallivanting from Arizona to Alberta/British Columbia.

Grateful that days like today are actually possible--that you can wake up in the morning and fall asleep that night in the same place, but in between travel great distances (more or less, especially compared to horse and buggy days!).

Grateful for the weekend ahead and the peace and quiet I am anticipating!

Grateful for good health, even as my sleep has been spotty. Usually poor sleep is the tipping point for me into some sick-ish nonsense, but I've been able to keep that at bay.

Grateful for spring weather, with all its bluster and moisture. Grateful for the streams of light that never fail to make a Walla Walla sunset so spectacular, even after a day of drizzle.

Grateful for first responders, and people who run toward danger to help and assist those who are injured--rather than run away. There were many inspirational stories this week, after the Boston bombs.

Grateful for the ability to sleep on airplanes. Who sees me snoozing/hears me snoring? I don't care.

Grateful for new days, fresh mercies, always with healing and forgiveness.

Grateful for love.

Grateful for you.

Happy weekend!



  1. What a day! You must be happy to be safely at home again.

    Fun to go...even better to be home again!!

    Yes, we too are grateful for our good travels. Almost home again.

  2. Yes, travel is good... could use more, further, with a little exotic on the side. xo


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