Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday night grateful moment

This week has been long, and short--like most weeks. It was a bit fractured by a trip for Seth--Wednesday til tonight--so it meant quiet evenings after work for husband and I, but we know how to deal with those!

The rain has rolled in tonight, a misty kind with haze that is disappearing into the darkness. I wonder what we'll wake up to, tomorrow. It's really anyone's guess this time of year, but I suppose I *could* look at the forecast. I think I'd rather just take my chances; the way the weather's been this week, it's going to change within a few hours, anyway. Storms roll in, roll out, the wind pops up, dies down; it's all part of spring.

This week I have been grateful for the weather, for the come-and-go nature of it. It really feels like *spring.* I'm not ready for summer and the 90+-degree heat, so these lovely days of low- to mid-range temps are just lovely.

I'm grateful too that Seth had a good trip--it was one of those school things and he did well, so glad for him, but also very happy to have him home!

I'm grateful for this crazy blogging challenge I'm taking part in--today was K, tomorrow is L and then we're halfway. It's been fun, and inspiring, and a bit of work to get around and look at everyone else's blogs. No, I haven't come close to touching a fraction of all the blogs, but I make sure to comment back, and then look for a few other kindred souls to get to know. Blogger friend Lisa sends me tips when she finds a good one too, so I have spies (the good kind).

I'm grateful for a couple of long weekends coming up on the calendar, with husband. Really, really looking forward to those. Just the two of us... nice.

The front bed is fully popped in color right now, between the bleeding hearts and the tulips and the daffodils and the magnolia and the grape hyacinth. It's really pretty. The peonies are finally up and growing, but since they don't bloom until Memorial Day, they have a ways to go! I'm grateful for spring color.

My salad last night, though it has some winter elements still to it, really reminded me of spring eating--I need to eat more salads! With asparagus! Some of my very favorite salads have asparagus in them, it's true. But, asparagus or not, I am grateful for the plethora of green, leafy plants that are tasty and readily available.

I love learning, and getting to learn every day is pretty fun for me. I am grateful for technology and information, which assist in my learning curve, so much.

I'm grateful for love. For God's love and grace, more than any other, but for human love too, which--while having limits--is powerful and catches me up short with its impact on my life, every day. Giving and receiving love. It's awesome.

I'm grateful for people who share what's on their happy list, in creative ways, too:

What's on your happy list this week? Tonight? Tell me!

I wish you a weekend of joy and comfort, whatever that means to you. Peace.


  1. Sorry I missed reading your Friday Grateful post last night. It's a real bummer without internet.

    Today I am over the top grateful for the unexpected drive thru Zion National Park today... it was a little taste of Paradise. It was so magnificent.

    Our past 4 days has been so wonderful... can you imagine it took us 4 days to get out of Arizona? We have seen some mind boggling stuff... and for this little trip down the backroads I am grateful.

  2. Gratitude? Today is April 16 so I am especially grateful for life. Those who are all of a sudden out of life in Boston had no warning, nothing to tell them ahead of time that life was short. So grateful that those who are most dear to me are safe and sound as of this moment. Mostly grateful for the grace given to me each day. And thankful that I have learned how costly grace truly is. May I never take that for granted.

  3. I am so grateful for warmer weather and the leaves and flowers budding and blooming!


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