Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend link love

What a lovely (but short) weekend! I am still smiling from a lovely brunch this morning with girlfriends, brought together by a visit over the mountains from our dear mutual friend, Kate. And now I'm plotting how, exactly, I could arrange a long and yummy brunch like that every weekend!! I suppose the rarity of this outing helps make it the jewel of an occasion that it was, though...

In my gatherings around the interwebs, here are a few things that have caught my eye recently. I thought I'd share:

A poem about celery. It made me chuckle.

Lists of Note: Things to worry about, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to his daughter (that's them, above). Quite lovely.

Series on have faith by hollywoodhousewife. There are seven installments, so I had to leave it to the weekend to read the whole lot at once... very thoughtful and thought-provoking.

I really did mean to make black-eyed peas and a mess of greens at the new year... for good luck and all that. Do you think it's OK to still make them now? I found a vegetarian version that looks like it might be worthwhile, any ole time.

In praise of gluten? That hardly seems possible anymore, but this article made me nostalgic for the gluten steaks of my childhood...

Seems rather obvious that a Super Bowl menu list would have a bunch of football shaped items, but I swear this is the first year I've noticed such a plethora of little brown cake/brownie/whatevers... Will I watch the game? Hardly, maybe a bit here and there. Will I make football shaped anythings? Unlikely. But they're certainly cute.

Friendships are such valued things to me, they--as a concept--are bound to come up in conversation at times, with husband and intimates... this link was sent to me by a dear friend as we have recently discussed the evolution of friendships--a necessary thing, but sometimes difficult. Pretty commonsense tips, but worth a reflection...

This link also came via a friend, this time on Facebook. A ponderful article about the conversations at the end of life and how family and love and faith factor in.

I finally got my act together enough to begin a sourdough starter this weekend. This is something I've been meaning to do FOREVER, but this post last week tipped me over. As it expands, my little two-day bubbly mass makes me very happy. Can't wait to make some bread with it!

Hope there's a link or two there to pique your interest! Now, on to the week. Make it count.


  1. yay for the sourdough starter!!

    And that celery poem made me laugh so hard- i can't wait to show it to Tom! :)

  2. I like the list that Fitzgerald gave to Scottie. Good advice.

    Lots of good reading here. And I love the little footballs!

    You had a profitable weekend.


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