Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Ah, the quiet bliss of Friday night... so lovely.

It's been another quick-long week. Each day I was somehow convinced it was one day later into the week, not sure why. But I'm grateful that each day itself went by zoomingly fast, and I managed to get done what needed to be done, nothing fallen by the wayside (that I know of!).

I don't remember (and I'm too tired to look back and see) if I've mentioned that I'm working back in the office again, somewhat regular hours, on a project. (Hence the quick days.)

We get a little extra Seth in the coming week, so I'm super-duper grateful for that! And Monday is a school holiday too. Bonus extra studying for finals, dear boy! Ha.

I'm grateful for pockets of time to catch up with friends, brief pockets that they are right now.

Today I wore a lovely cowl my sister-in-law Kim made me for Christmas that keeps my neck warm. I am grateful that she made it for me, that it's green and soft and warm (I will post a picture of it one day...). It has somehow reverted to typical January weather around here the past few days, why oh why I have no idea. And still no snow. If it's going to be 31 degrees, let's have a little white stuff. I was on the phone this week with someone in Iowa and it was snowing and blowing all at once. I don't think she was much impressed with my, "Oh cool, I wish we had snow." I think her exact words were: "Oh, if I could ship it to you, I would."

I'm grateful that my family, near and far, are safe and mostly sound, healthy (or mostly so), and well. I don't take that for granted, for any of us.

I saw this and was instantly grateful that crafting with cat hair doesn't appeal to me. Not only do I not need another crafting outlet, but that is just weird. I then saw this, and had to laugh. Knowing how difficult it is to get rid of some stuff at pivotal times in one's life, I wish I'd thought of it!

Seth and I have been working out in the late afternoons, and I'm actually enjoying it (shocking, I know. But it's mostly about just getting back in the groove, it seems...). I got out the old punching bag and have been whacking away at the thing, legs and arms, the whole nine yards (I paint a graceful picture, don't I?). I'm grateful I haven't been one sore old lady. I thought for sure I'd be more kinked up and hurting, but not so much. Yet. Whew. We'll keep at it, try and make a good habit of it in the new year!

As we're all tucked up into our abode for a cozy Friday night, I am just so grateful for my guys. Whatever the challenges, we've got each other. That's just so goooood.

I love the way ideas can develop and grow between people, when egos aren't involved and the outcomes can just be what they ought to be, or the best outcome can be sought without anyone feeling marginalized. How rare that is, but how beautiful when it can happen. I think some of the best ideas can come out of those kinds of discussions and evolutions, and I'm grateful when I get to see that process.

Work is getting in the way of my Pinterest time, naturally. But I still manage to take a peek in the evenings, see what's going on... and of course I have a few wordy type (P)inspirations to share with you:

grace (fits my word for 2012, love it)

gentle (by my friend, Chel)

winter (funny how quickly we forget, eh?)

snow (what I would like to wake up to just once this winter...)

I'm pondering the need to work on my grateful list concept. It's feeling a little stale, three years in. I think there's something to the discipline of just doing it, and thinking about it brings myself into that mindset, etc. And maybe I'm just tired... but I will mull, contemplate. Maybe there's a variation, or some wild way to change it up? If you have any ideas, I'm completely open. (Famous last words before I shoot down your idea, I can hear you thinking. Ha.)

I hope that whatever lies ahead in your weekend, it brings you joy. (And if there's snow where you are, I'll be a little bit jealous!)



  1. Actually, the cat hair thing is quite that too strong a word? I suppose you could get the hair if you combed your cat(s) often enough...gotta not think about that one!

    Your quotes/posters to end the posting are wonderful. Some I truly identify with and others are great to bring a smile. Thank you.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Re: the stale feel. Last night I felt very tired and I think my blog post reflected that...but you seem to still bring off the cheer and good will.

  3. Crafting with any kind of hair grosses me out. Hair actually grosses me out, except when it's on the head, and even then I'm not interested in doing anything that requires much of... anything. Ugh. But, hey, if it makes someone happy, and no one is getting hurt...

    Right now I'm still buzzing over sseeing "The Artist" last night. It sort of helped me transition into a much better state of mind. I'm also SO grateful for the sun. It's cold here (been in the 40's and 50's- freezing for us!) and the clouds have been a little too much. So today I am SO grateful for sparkling blue skies and sunshine! And I know my garden will appreciate it, too.


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