Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday 13: 13 random thoughts

It's that kind of week around here: random! Here goes:

1. Today should be Friday. I've taken a poll, and every one I've talked with agrees. Can we just make it so?
2. As much as I wanted snow, I am very glad it's gone. If that was snow, it can be somewhere else. What we had was some strange ice-snow hybrid, heavy on the ice.
3. There are some scents that are universally wonderful, don't you think? I made French onion soup last night, and the house smells amazing, still. Can't wait to eat some tonight! Cheese...
4. Pinterest continues to be funny, inspiring, silly and sometimes redundant. I need to figure out how to have fewer of the same pins show up... I know it helps if I pin from "outside," which I do, but not every day.
5. I read The Power of Less this week. It took me about as long as I thought (not long) and had a few good points but nothing earth-shattering. Who knew writing a few common sense tips could get you a book contract? But if you're trying to minimize the clutter, mentally and physically, he has some good starting points.
6. Wind is one of those freaky weather things that I wish I truly understood. The fact that it seems the entire northern part of the West Coast was battered by wind on Tuesday night seems really odd, but it's true. How is that possible? 
7. Further to No. 3 above: It's crossed my mind to write a cheese blog. Wouldn't that just be great? (For me, just to be clear. All that tasting!)
8. It occurred to me recently, once again, that I'm not much of a joiner. The bigger something gets--a group, a movement, almost anything, really--the more skeptical I am. It's not something I think is a good aspect of my personality, or necessarily a bad thing. It just rears it's head every once in awhile.
9. I love dried cranberries. Whoever thought those up: genius. It was probably someone who left their cranberries out too long, and didn't want to throw them out. I am always interested in where things come from, how they began... like hard-boiled eggs or the idea of cooking an artichoke and then eating it. There's probably a book about it somewhere, but I like mulling the mysteries.
10. I'm looking like I went about a month too long on the hair cut/color thing. I am greatly anticipating sitting in the salon chair tomorrow and taking a few years off my grayness.
11. I love oats, oatmeal, good and hearty breakfasts... I used to make a breakfast cookie back in the catering days and really enjoyed eating them, as well. I think this weekend I'm going to experiment with that recipe again; I remember it as a fabulous grab-and-go option for the mornings.
12. You would think with all the permutations of personalities in the world, somehow there would be similar family dynamics between some families, somewhere. But if that exists, I haven't seen it. Seems like every family has their own distinct flavor, and no two families are alike. While that's good, it also makes families hard to understand from the outside.
13. Do you talk to yourself? I do, a lot. I also talk to "people" on my computer--emails or silly (stupid) Facebook posts, or--just this morning--people who don't link stuff properly online and then expect you to click over. Click over where? How about a link?

OK, that's it for the random over here. Off to the salt mines as my mother used to say... Glad I don't actually have to mine salt today!

How are things in your world? What's new? Tell me!

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  1. You had me at "cheese blog."
    :) xoxo

    1. I put that in there just to woo you, you know. And tease. Woo and tease, that's me. xo

  2. here's a random thought...I keep meaning to take a picture of my tongue after I eat some of that Valentine kettle corn!!! ROFLMAO! It even stains my lips. Love it!

    1. I didn't take the staining factor into account! Glad you're enjoying.

  3. I really like that idea of a breakfast cookie. Can you share that recipe with your mom?

    1. I'll post again once I've experimented... I remember tweaking the recipe, way back when...

  4. In the past I believe I got your breakfast cookie recipe but if it isn't right in front of my face (like on my computer) I forget where it is, etc., etc., etc.

    My week has suffered from randomness this week. I feel like we go ahead 2 steps and back at least one step and sometimes 3 steps in one day...So looking forward to getting this week wound up and prepare for the new one!!

    Do you think your family is difficult for an outsider to understand? But we are all such sweet, reasonable folks; how could that be?

    Thanks for sharing your random week.

    1. Ma, I can't even remember where I kept that recipe, it was so long ago... I think I found the original I fiddled with online, so I'll start from there again... and share, of course!

      And what makes you think I was talking about our family? ;) I really was talking about ALL families. Surely you've noticed this phenomenon?

  5. Replies
    1. The beautiful thing about days is that they follow each other--Friday's coming! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. 1. Yes... yes.
    2. Ugh to snow. Tom and Gracie are going on a ski trip in a few weeks and I'm anxious to see how Gracie, otherwise known as "the temperature dropped below 80 degrees so I need a sweater", likes it.
    3. Yes. For some reason when you mentioned this, I thought of two things- gardenia and grilled cheese (?! does that even smell?)
    4. My favorite thing to do on Pinterest is hunt for color pallettes.
    5. I'm reading a great book by AJ Jacobs (pretty sure that's his name...) and his effort to read the entire encylopedia. It's very interesting....
    7. Yes, it certainly would! I considered writing an olive blog... oh, my... just thinking about it made my mouth water.
    8. Amen. It's difficult when you have a elementary school age child, I'm learning. I'm happy to contribute in my own way, but it sort of has to be on my terms or I get resentful about it very quickly. Not that it's anyone's *fault* but stuff comes up when there are meetings or planned activities, and I think "whose idea WAS IT to have the meeting TODAY at 4:30?!" When really that's when every.single.meeting of said organization in the history of time has met at that date and time.
    9. I have never tried a cranberry except when it's heavily cooked into something.
    10. I'm debating coloring my hair. My hair guy says I don't need it, but... things look a little faded and washed out. I've put in a big request to the universe that when I go gray, I want to go snow-white gray, you know what I mean? Those ladies with that thick, white hair cut into a beautiful bob... I want that.
    11. Cream of what is my preference, but I love oats in everything- bread, muffins, cookies, etc.
    12. Amen again... I am starting to *really* appreciate our dynamic, too. I've always liked it, but as Gracie gets older, we seem to hit these rhythms.
    13. YES! I either talk to myself, make jokes at my own expense to myself, or I talk out the dialogue in the story I have been writing for seven years. There's a lot of drama in there, and sometimes it's fun to stand in the shower and have the characters work out some challenging situation out loud. That sounds INSANE, but it's the best way to write. It's like writing a rough draft, just out loud instead of on paper.

    1. I love that you did 13 too! Thank you for playing along! And I'm stunned about your cranberry comment... Does this include cranberry sauce, or is that the "heavily cooked?" I put dried crans in my granola, yum. And grilled cheese definitely smells, I think... like heaven!

  7. Peoples Thursday Thirteens are making me hungry (and want to cook and bake) .. . now I want to make French onion soup and discover how to make breakfast cookies! (They sound like a great idea!).

    My Thursday Thirteen
    To Kill a Mockingbird Blu Ray Giveaway

  8. I don't think I fully understand Pinterest.

    Have a great Thursday!


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