Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday night grateful list

Peaceful and twilight as I begin my list for this week... the three of us, cozied up for the weekend. I've said it before: that sentence alone pretty much sums up my gratitude. But of course, there are indeed other things to be grateful for...

Laughter. Yesterday I came really close to losing it with laughter (at work, yikes), and today had a few good laughs as well. I'm lucky to get to work with some funny guys. At least I find them humorous... so far! (Except, yesterday I was laughing at myself... and not in a good way. Must curb.)

Music. There's a song that's been going through my head ALL WEEK. I'm really in love with it, have been since I first heard it years ago, and then this version tipped me over again... I have enjoyed so many different iterations, I think I feel a mix CD coming up... the All Hallelujah CD. Sounds about right.

Here's a version that YouTube let me actually embed, also a big favorite of mine!


A good chat with my hair stylist. And, an actual sit in the chair at said hair stylist, complete with foils and a trim. (I know, you were thinking this was all natural. Sure you were.)

Speaking the joys of Pinterest. I seem to spread the Pinterest gospel wherever I go... wondering if there's a commission in it at some point? But then, they'd actually have to have a money-making model, wouldn't they? Still, I do so love to share my love for all things pinning!

IM with my oldest and dearest Corinne. We haven't seen each other in too long... thankfully we can Google chat through the awards shows and catch up briefly at odd points during the week. Being known and loved by someone for so long is really something that I do not take for granted.

My guys. I am blessed in my home life, and I know it.

Words, words and more words... always grateful for the power of words.

And so, on that note, I leave you to your weekend, and go begin mine! What are you grateful for this week? I hope the list is long!

Wishing you lots of rest and peace in the coming hours.


  1. Love the quote by Elsie de know she is one of my heroes? She influenced Billy Baldwin in a major way and so on down to me. Good thoughts.

    You never have to apologize for the thankfulness in your heart for the Friday nights when all three of you can be together. It is a wonderful thing and a heart warming time. Happy for you every time you get these moments.

    And, of course, you know that KD singing one of my all time favourite songs is a major hit. Thank you for that.

    Good night and be well.

  2. Just went over to hear the Norwegian boys sing the song...very beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Once again I am blessed by the thoughts you shared. Loved the Hallelujah song... and look forward to your CD.

    And your quotes were right on. I want to make the world around me more beautiful... and when I leave this place it will be better than when I came... and they will know someone who loved their work just didn't just slap it together.

    Good enough is seldom good enough!

    We had a "little inconvienence" this week... a day without power. But we are still here, even though we felt we may get blown off the face of the earth. PTL.

  4. I *finally* convinced Tom to try Leela, which is a meditative/contemplative sort of game for the Wii, which Deeprak Chopra developed and created. I kept promising him it would help him calm down, relax, breathe deep, etc.

    An hour later, Tom (who is almost 6 foot and NOT a little guy) was jammed into Gracie's miniature armchair parked right in front of the TV, yelling at the Wii, gesticulating madly, and more frustrated than I have seen him in years. And he was simply trying to navigate a little blob of color down a tunnel of light. I lost it- I was laughing so hard I was crying. I know it doesn't sound funny, but he was taking it SO seriously and the game is supposed to be COMPLETELY relaxing and mindful (and it is to me) and he WOULD NOT QUIT until he navigated that blob down that tunnel, no matter what it took! He was determined!


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