Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Short week, short list? Probably not, knowing me... I am just stunned to think that a mere week ago we were looking at New Year's Eve, resolutions, recaps, and all that jazz (jazz hands!). The whooshing sound you're hearing? Yeah, that was my week.

But at the end of this particular short week there is indeed much to be thankful for.

I'm grateful to be home with my men in a warm house, with a full belly and the promise of a sweet sleep. 

There. That could be it. That sentence alone really covers the bulk of my gratitude (so to speak).

And yet. I'll keep going, won't I? (You know me so well...)

This week I reflected a bit on health and well-being and am grateful to be on the plus side of that equation (knock on wood, etc.). I am aware of how quickly that can change for any one person or any family; health challenges are some of the most daunting.

As the new year kicks off, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to contribute in the work place on a project (hence the short week, eh?). I enjoy collaboration and coordination and all those kinds of teamy worky things; to have the flexibility of working on a project basis is really quite gravy. And to get to kick the brain cells into gear on something I used to know very well but has been dormant for a bit? Bonus. Won't need to do my Alzheimer's-deflecting crosswords for a bit!

I'm grateful for friendship, and entirely blessed to have people in my life who support and encourage and uplift. Some days are just in need of a little uplifting, you know?

Much as I would love some snow, I have been basking in the 50-60-degree weather. I'm a little weirded out by it, frankly. I mean, what does this really mean for things like wheat and grapes and even just my fruit trees? I have been grateful for the sunshine and the warmth, and the rumor is that it will end soon. But I feel like that rumor's been going around for a while, so I'll believe it when I see it! I would welcome the need to get the fireplace going again, and those cross-country skis? Gathering dust...

I took both dogs to the vet today for their wellness checks, Mr. Chief and Ms. Darby. It seems odd to think that we only have two dogs after the joyful foursome havoc that was Ruby (now happily residing with a new family in Seattle for over a year now) and Jack, newly departed. It was so quiet when I came home at lunch and they were both still at the doctor's. It reminded me how much I rely on their greetings and constant love and affection. I am grateful for them both; Chief with his sweet and wise ways, and Darby with her frenetic energy.

My thankfulness for words, for the power of words to move and motivate, remains as steadfast as ever. I love discovering a new blog (one about words and writing, even!) or site that resonates with my experience and philosophies, and even just finding a quote or print poster on Pinterest that says something in a new way or with a twist makes my day brighter.

And because I can't NOT post a couple of funnies to go with the deep and meaningful...

The weekend is here (!) and it stretches out before me, with all its myriad possibilities and options... I'm grateful for the weekend, for time with my guys, for the rest and down time, and renewal before another week.

What are you grateful for this week? I hope your weekend brings whatever it is you need to rejuvenate!



  1. Sweet wonder of a weekend!!! What would we do without a time to lay back and reflect a little.

    So much to be grateful for...I had my special grateful item all picked out and then I had a surprise that swept everything else away.

    Have a lovely weekend with your men...just enjoying each others company.

  2. Looking forward to a super long sleep.

    I am most grateful for learning. I wanted to learn something new every day this year... and I certainly learned something about Danish Oil and ML Campbell stains. They don't like each other. Hard lesson learned.

  3. This post really made me smile- thank you. I've been in a serious funk this week. Still "present", still grateful, still creating, but something is... off. I feel off my game, a little lost. Hopefully it'll pass soon! Thank you for making me feel better :)

  4. Love that notice to the Twilight folks from the Trekkies! Right on.

    Thanks for the quotes...great wisdom there.

  5. Ha! That last card make me laugh in particular. Thanks.


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