Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Just last Friday night I bemoaned feeling a bit like I'm in a rut with my grateful list. (And then on Monday I celebrated the Common Miracle that is my rituals. Anyone get that lovely contradiction? Yeah, me either. Until just this moment!)

Anyway, tonight I was looking through some photos on my iPhone and thought... I'll share these. A couple I took tonight to round out my list, but most were taken throughout the week as life happened. It's a picture of my grateful life...

I'm grateful for exercise, to work muscles and move my body. Even when I think I'm too tired, it totally picks me up!

I'm always grateful for my computer. It works like a charm and is pretty to boot. I'm also entirely grateful for technology and the possibilities it opens up. Yeah for possibilities!

I'm SO grateful I took the time to learn how to read crochet instructions. Most obvious statement of the day: it's taken my crochet skills to a whole "other" level. It's so much fun to be able to follow along and know what I'm doing--even if I do sometimes get all distracted and have to pull out a row or two, it's still great.

Ever-so-grateful for my men. And that I get a peaceful weekend with the husband. Cabin fever? Not us.

I'm grateful for a bit of spring in the middle of this winteriest of weeks. Thanks, Melissa, for my paperwhite! The timing of the bloom couldn't be better.

For mittens to protect from the cold, I have been most grateful this week. (And a sweet gift from a sweet friend, as well.)

This week I was grateful for hot chocolate! With whipped cream. In the most appropriate mug!

I was tickled to get to play with this wee pup at a meeting at the Blue Mountain Humane Society this week. I admit, I was a bit distracted by the unbearable cuteness, but I'm grateful my meeting mates didn't object to my distraction. After some serious play time, pup then fell asleep under my chair. Extra-cute!

Here's what I've been wishing for all winter. Well, I was actually wishing for snow; this is actually frozen ice bits pretending to be snow. I am actually grateful we got some white in our view... and that it's supposed to warm up again soon.

That actually does look like snow I'm standing in, doesn't it? Must have caught that picture in the five minutes before the freezing rain started... I'm grateful for my boot collection, which, though small, got a serious workout this week.

I'm grateful for love, and that I'm blessed to know it in such abundance. I'm also glad and grateful for those in my life who have found love again, the second time around, so to speak. (I respect and admire all you long-timers too, but to find it, better than ever, when you thought you might not again? Pretty sweet.)

I'm grateful for color and texture and the joy of creation.

I feel rejuvenated, just busting out of my text routine with some pictures! Must remember that for the future...

What's on your grateful list this week? I hope it's a long one!

Whatever your weekend holds, may it bring you peace.


  1. Thank you for the week in photos. Gives me a peek into your world from day to day. Thank you.

    1. It was quite the week in both our worlds, wasn't it? The wind has now whipped away any last remnants of snow (by morning, for sure).

  2. Ohhh- I love the word "rejuvenate"! Thank you for using that word because just reading it made me feel hopeful.

    Right this very second I'm grateful for the little red cardinal sitting right outside my window, peeking at me, blinking its eyes, and pondering the seed in the feeder. Simple thing, but every time I see a bird at the feeder, I get giddy.

    This weekend Tom's boss is coming into town (Tom telecommutes so it's his first time meeting him in person) and wants to take all of us to dinner. I have to admit I have been nervous about it all week (actually, for several weeks). Even though the anxiety isn't pleasant, it gives me a chance to practice choosing happy and comforting things for myself.

    I just placed a large tea order, so I'm excited for that. Mostly refills of favorite teas, but there's a new one in there to try.

    I also spent a few hours this week doing something creative that I *thought* would be a good idea, but turned into a big waste of time. I'm grateful for the fact that I realized that it's all part of the process of creativity instead of being frustrated for the time wasted. I think the simple fact that I didn't dwell on it was a GOOD sign- I put it all away and went back to my regular stuff as soon as I realized it wasn't wrking, rather than FORCING it to work or fussing over it. That's all brand new for me.

    1. Hope all went well with the work dinner. Those can be stressful, especially first time out! And yeah for you in moving on from a project that didn't work. I've had that happen, and just wasted even more time on it trying to repair... best to cut and run, most times!

  3. I am grateful for amazing inter web friends that send things, delicious, useful things to folks :). Thank you so much for the "valentine corn" although I'm going to use some of it to decorate the cake I'm going to make for Dave's and my second anniversary (2 days before valentines day)

    1. I agree, interweb friends are fab! :) And happy anniversary to you and Dave!


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