Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend link love

How very long it's been since I've posted links! I actually had three half-finished drafts sitting around that I weeded through... some were just too old to post! So, before these get dusty and ancient, I'm sending them off to the blogosphere.

Here's what I've been reading lately:

So you heard about the crashed/tipped over cruise ship off the coast of some little Italian island? Crazy. Then add this piece about a girl missing from a cruise ship since last spring (and some startling stats on how many people go missing from cruise ships every year), and there goes one more vacationing option (see the TSA posts below)...

Solid gold creativity's series on possibility brought up some good reminders to me, and a fun memory of actually hearing Benjamin Zander speak about The Art of Possibility, probably about a dozen or more years ago now. One of my favorite public speeches, ever.

Chocolate Nutella Sea Salt Fudge. I made this over Christmas but neglected to blog about it (and even take pictures of!). It was quite yummy, and definitely a make-again.

A Design So Vast continues to be one of my favorite daily reading blogs. Her recent post: Light, and the vocabulary of mystery.

Check out this tip on how to keep your sugar cookies soft. Who knew? Well, probably you, but I didn't know. I am glad to have this knowledge! (Valentine's Day is coming, right?!)

Oh, let's travel again soon, shall we? Or not. TSA security was tested by Vanity Fair writer and, to reassure that it doesn't ALL just skate through: World of Technology's take on the best TSA catches of 2011.

How to have the best year of your life without setting goals, followed up by how to change your life without a plan. Some interesting stuff to ponder. I am feeling pretty good about any lack of list. The list will take care of itself, I'm focusing on grace, remember? That and I read helpful, interesting posts like this one on patterns.

An interesting post about the backfire effect, how just because you know something's true (or not), you might choose not to change your mind anyway. When beliefs are challenged by facts, it doesn't necessarily impact those beliefs.

Smart phone addiction... Apparently you're not supposed to sleep with it anywhere nearby. And he's got a handy little list of how to to know if you're addicted. Hmmm.

Imposters: A rundown of some pretty shady people. I actually listened to the book on Clark Rockefeller last summer (one of my easy-peasy "palate cleansers!") and it was interesting, in a People magazine kind of way. Wild to want to be someone completely different, eh?

I knew there was a reason I couldn't go completely vegetarian, and now I have some ammunition to back me up!

OK, that's it from me for a bit! Happy reading.


  1. That cruise ship story is so... bizarre. I never saw the appeal of cruising, maybe because my family had a boat when I was growing up and we spent most weekends camped out on it. I know it's not the same, but it's in the same sort of *family* so I'm good with sleeping on boats.

    Tom is the opposite of me- the idea of having nothing to do and nowhere to go and nothing to do about it while having his needs met for several days on end sounds like a really great thing. He also doesn't mind hanging out in airports, waiting for planes, going for long drives, etc. Any time where he's exactly where he needs to be and gets some time to just chill out and read or play suduko sounds is happy time for him.

    Me, I think I'd rather just stay home...

    1. I just discovered how to reply to individual comments on my blog and in my excitement I will of course reply to all! I have only been on one cruise--it was with my whole family for my parent's 40th anniversary, to Alaska, and it was beautiful! But I have to say the days at sea were much less interesting than the port/excursion days. My husband and I referred to it as a "floating hotel," with 24-hour buffets, of course!

      I do get pretty big travel cravings sometimes, but home is always my favorite place to lay my head.

  2. Well, we are not only going travelling across borders but we are cruising for the nightmares!!!

    Love your list and will spend some time investigating. Thanks for the diversions.

    1. Hey, Ma, look at threaded comments in Blogger! I know you'll want to do this too. Call me and we'll go through it--took me a minute, since I had customized the template a long time ago...

      YOUR cruise will go just fine. Just know where your life jacket is and be wary of big bumps in the night, followed by assurances that "it's all fine, keep eating." Yeesh.

  3. the salted nutella fudge never made it's way to me...i am miffed! was it revenge over the torrone/popcorn debacle? i just never took you for a revengeful type, sher.

    1. I never did let you know how much I like the torrone. Very nice. I am going to ignore the jab re: nutella fudge and just make you a double batch next year and sit beside you while you eat the whole thing!! That will be my revenge!

  4. hee, I made that Chocolate Nutella Sea Salt Fudge for Dave's family Christmas party last year...only I didn't know lots of them were allergic to hazelnut! EEK! First big party and I try to poison his family LOL!

  5. Thanks for the link, Sherilee! I could just go on and on about Benjamin Zander :)


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