Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten Word Tuesday: Best things about coming home

Fresh basil and tomatoes, hummingbirds humming, happy-to-see-us* dogs, and sunshine!

(Yes, I pushed it with that "word." Deal with it!)


  1. I was searching for a single foreign word with that meaning, sort of like "encantado" can mean "pleased to meet you."

    Although I didn't find one, I did find this delightful post of 20 awesomely untranslateable words. :-)

  2. Brent, those ARE awesome words. Now to work them into normal conversation... not going to be easy, but I'm up for the challenge!

    And I just knew that YOU would respond to my footnoting, as you're the King of Footnotes.

  3. anything with hyphens is one word in my book ;)

  4. Love your happy-to-see-us word.

    Welcome home...I know how good that feels. My basil is doing better. It seems that August is when it really gets fired up. And the grouse and her little darlings are not chewing on it.

  5. Oops! What happened to my ten word answer for you?


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