Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Oh so very much to be grateful for this Friday night... and yet I'm almost too tired to type! Crazy tired from the heat. Or is it just from the week? Hard to say...

Seth's home! Whoo-hoo. Hearing about his first week of high school is all well and good over the phone, via IM, etc., but for the real inside scoop, ya gotta have the boy in hand. And we do, well in hand! I am so very grateful for that dear sweet boy.

The pond is doing well, the fish are all still alive (knock on wood, but husband did say he saw one swimming "funny" tonight... we'll see how that goes). I'm grateful for alive fish!

Our garden is bountiful, and I'm grateful that we finally have ripe tomatoes among the mix of other garden fresh vegetables. 

I'm thankful tonight that the people who mean the most to me--my men, my family a few acres over, my family further afield and then even further away--I'm just thankful that all are healthy and safe. I don't take that for granted.

Words have meaning, but actions speak louder, SO much louder. I'm thankful to know that distinction, and recognize it in observing life around me.

Beauty is everywhere. It really is. You just have to know where to look. I am grateful that most days I don't have to look too hard to see the beauty (and the magic) in my world.

Love is pretty fabulous. I am blessed and grateful to know abiding love.

Lunch with girlfriends is pretty fabulous. Laughter and sharing, catching up. Yep. I am very grateful for the women I am privileged to call friends.

Prayer is not to be underestimated. I am grateful for the impact I feel in my life because of prayer, both for its power in individual lives, and its comfort for the pray-er.

Warmth is good, heat is fine. Hot is not so great. I am so very thankful for air conditioning. As I read Facebook posts from Texans (well, mostly either transplants to Texas or locals who used to live in Texas) this week about hitting 100 degrees for 60 days in a row or some such nonsense, I decided to be extremely grateful that I live in the Pacific Northwest.

I am grateful for this small town we live in. Yes, it's one of those weeks when it's a good thing. Some weeks that's not quite the case... but this week it feels lovely, friendly, helpful.

I'm grateful for a heritage of faith. When I last visited my Grandma, she told me about the hymns that she sings each night before she goes to sleep. I wrote them down--one of them I had no clue about (It Is No Secret), the other two were familiar (I Asked The Lord--which I love!--and He Lives, which I have fond memories of singing as a child, while my dad played the piano). I am a hymn girl from way back. All that modern and happenin' Christian music is fine, and some I even like, but give me a hymn to know by heart and be able to sing in the shower... yes, please.

And in spite of loving actions (see above), I am always grateful for words. Here are some that touched me this week, in light of Steve Jobs' resignation. These are words to take to heart. I know I've been angry at Steve in the past (I mean that rather tongue-in-cheek, I mean, we're talking about the iPhone here...), but I am sad that his illness appears to have gotten the best of him, and that his genius will be cut short.

"Almost everything--all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure--these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." -Steve Jobs

What has touched your heart this week? What are you grateful for? Please tell me!

I hope your weekend is filled with all kinds of joy and gladness. And cookies. I hope your weekend has some cookies in it, too. I know mine will (I have a cookie party to bake for next week, so I need to get crackin'!).



  1. For me, I think this week has been coming to terms with a lot of painful memories. It's all high school stuff- it's been like Pandora's box for quite a few of us. But the gratitude associated with it has been TREMENDOUS because I finally realized that there WAS a reason for some of the things I experienced. That those experiences plus twenty years of perspective can allow me to contribute to the evolution of that community and maybe make that campus a little more safe and compassionate for some young kid who REALLY needs it. (sorry for the rambling- it's been a crazy and emotional week...)

    I'm also VERY grateful Gracie is back home. She's not super jazzed about it, since she can't get away with nearly as much as she did at Nany and Papa's, but I love having my little family back together.

  2. What a wonderful grateful list. It is always a joy to read.

    The highlight of my week was a compliment on our gravel driveway. When the building inspector came this week he asked who was responsible for the nice, long driveway. He said it was the nicest that he has seen. Coming from him, it meant a lot to me... and the rest of his inspection of our preparations for concrete also passed, giving us a green light to pour concrete.

  3. Well, aren't I just a bit late? But here I am grateful to be able to read your grateful list.

    I am so grateful for my gardens...of course, you know me, the flowers are more important than the food but I do need a reformation of heart and change that around.

    I am grateful for the quotes you put in your posting. Some very good reminders of what is important in life.

    My major regret for the week was missing taking a photo of a huge owl sitting out in the veggie garden. He was gorgeous and he was BIG. But I get so overwhelmed with the beauty sometimes that I fail to run for the camera. Hope he comes back.

    Thank you for all of your thankfulness. Oh yes, so glad you are a hymn girl.


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