Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reading roundup #7, not like we're counting or anything...

I haven't posted a reading round-up lately, maybe because I've been quite abysmal about actually doing any in-depth reading... (I have been pinning on Pinterest, don't get me wrong--I DO have my priorities in order after all! Can you imagine my husband's eye roll as he reads that? Count on it.)

But in cleaning out my Google feeds over the weekend, I did stumble across a few goodies to share:

Letters of Note: The link goes to a letter from Phil Hartman to an aspiring comedian; it really shows how nice/genuine a guy (Canadian, of course!) Phil was. Which also prompted me to go and look up the circumstances of his passing. I had forgotten how very sad that was... There are also some other interesting letters on the site, so be sure to click on over.

Effervescence: A post about flexing your extrovert muscles. Even though I am technically an extrovert, and when I get out and about I do enjoy it... there are times when that takes effort, and when the size of the crowd is more than I want... I really enjoyed her thoughts on this, especially when she equates it to running. That, especially, I get.

Ken Jennings: Remember this guy, that amazing run he had on Jeopardy? He posts quirky trivia on his blog and this piece about mental_floss magazine I wanted to be sure and bookmark for Seth, as he really enjoys that magazine. It's been purchased by the publishers of Maxim (yes, go ahead and snort now), but the founders still have a big say on the content... hmmm. We'll be keeping an eye on that!

Food52: Oh, this one I need to try soon... green chile country gravy (above). That sounds pretty much up our collective alley. Yup.

Robert Lee Brewer's blog, My Name Is Not Bob, focuses mostly on his writing and the writing process... this specific post spoke to me in it's reminder of the fragility of life and the absolute need to let your loved ones know that they are loved. So much. Every day. At least twice this past weekend I heard news of loss, and each time, it broke my heart for the individuals involved.

This post about What Your Favorite '80s Band Says About You made me laugh out loud. You must read through and tell me who yours is. (The closest I would say I came to having a favorite band in the '80s would be Air Supply... go ahead, mock it. OK, maybe Chicago too... my music tastes have improved a bit since then, I like to think...)

That does it for this roundup! If you know of a fabulous blog or site I need to be viewing, please let me know! I'm trying to keep it pared down around here, and if a new one goes onto the reading list, I try and weed out a few that have me less-enthralled...

Obviously this is not a Ten Word Tuesday for me! But I hope you have a marvelous Tuesday anyway.


  1. OMG- I LOVE it!! My favorite band is Duran Duran, but that one didn't qualify. However, *these* three were perfect!

    The Smiths: You have read aloud to a hamster, ferret, or turtle. [Yes. I actually used to go to the local cemetary when I was a teenager and read to the wildlife there.]

    Joy Division: You have been bitten by a cat while trying to dress it in period costume. [Baby clothes, but they were fancy...]

    New Order: You own several fish tanks but no fish. [Ummm... this is actually true. We have two empty fish tanks on our kitchen counter. We just haven't gotten around to getting new fish.]

  2. I need to check these links out -- and I LOVE Chel's bands -- I'm right there with her.

  3. OMG. This is great. But now I'll never get to bed tonight. Sigh.

  4. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. it's a toss up between these two:

    The Pretenders: You are excellent at dodgeball

    Culture Club: You have woken up under someone who was dressed as a dark elf.



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