Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Tonight I'm grateful for home. I'm grateful that home is where my heart is, but more than that, for our actual abode. I love coming home to this place.

I'm grateful for meteor showers and memories of watching them as a child, out on the lawn, with my brother. Trying trying to stay alert and awake and watch for the stars as they slipped and fell across the horizon. I can't wait to watch them tonight...

As I was thinking about sibling relationships this week, and admiring the ones I know that work well, and feeling sadness for friends who don't have the relationships they wish for with their siblings (this seems to happen more often than not), and feeling grateful for my brother. My memories of our childhood are very dear, very strong, and if they ever fade I know that a conversation with him will bring them back into full color again. This week I thought about how we used to just lay on his bed and read Peanuts cartoons and cackle with laughter. That seems so long ago and far away, but very sweet in my memory.

As Seth and I walked and talked this week, I felt ever so grateful for a son who will (still) communicate with me. I am truly blessed. (Though, someone needs to explain to me about the whole My Little Pony phenomenon and why, apparently, young males are the leading demographic for viewing these strange little episodes. Seth has tried, but I'm still baffled.) Regardless, we're walking, and talking, and I'm grateful for that.

I am so grateful we haven't topped 100 degrees yet this summer. Husband reminds me that there's still plenty of August left and it could easily happen, but I'm not convinced. These days of cool-ish mornings and lingering evenings with temperatures in the 80s during the peak sun hours = bliss.

As the fruits work their way through the seasons, I seem to find a new favorite as new fruits ripen. Blueberries? So last week (well, not quite, but they are definitely on their way out). This week it's nectarines. All nectarines, all the time. I put them on everything... salads, cereal... well, OK, so not on EVERYTHING. I am so grateful for a plethora of fresh fruit this season has brought us.

This week my Pinterest love is all about the words. Oh, I pinned other things too, but I always go back to the words. So grateful for the ability to express through words (even if they are someone else's, occasionally...).

proud (Trying to remember this. Every. Day.)

anxiety (Also, this.)

this life (For those going through tough times. You know who you are.)

fort (Oh for a fort...)

love (Love this. So much.)

I went to the fabric store today. Well, not just any "fabric store"... our local quilt fabric store, Stash, where color and texture and pattern never fail to make me giddy with joy. It was a lovely but brief time, and I left with a few pieces to add to my stash and help finish my present projects. Oh, color; I am so grateful for you!

I'm grateful for health. I think I could (and should) say that aloud every day that I am well, for the rest of my life. Health can't be underestimated. Energy can't be underestimated. I am so appreciative of both in my life, and do not take them for granted.

I'm grateful for the pause that the weekend brings, for the opportunity once a week to worship and celebrate and just BE.

I hope you have had a good week, and have arrived at the weekend in one piece! What are you grateful for this fine Friday night? Tell me!


  1. I love the fort quote. Thank you!

  2. Brent must have been reading my mind too...I sometimes think of this island as my fortress...I know it is time to grow up. Love the quote.

    And love your sweet references to your brother. I can hear the 'cackling' laughter right now. I can see you reading together. Lovely memories.

    So thankful...

  3. I enjoyed your memories you shared with your brother growing up. You have a rich bank of them... you kids never lacked in adventure. I too have a lot of fond memories from those early years.

    It pleases me to know that you often revisit those days and are grateful for the brother who tried to talk you into a test flight of an airplane he made out of used lumber in the hay loft. Good thing you waited to see how well his plane did without any passengers!

  4. By the way...on the right hand side of your posting I see a list of a number of items that are important to you. Happened to read your comments on gingerblue so followed the lead back to your blog. I must go explore what you have there.

  5. Oh, this is so wonderful! I feel the same about my house, my little nest.

    My Little Pony, huh? Gracie has all my old MLP toys but she hasn't yet watched the show. If it's on Netflix, she'll find it- she finds the weirdest (but still family-friendl) stuff to watch on there. I think the worst is the Hello Kitty show. And I LOVE Hello Kitty. Just don't like her when she's animated!

    Meteor dhowers are amazing- when Tom and I had our first apartment together, we woke up one night at 3am and went down to the tennis courts and watched a wonderful meteor shower- it was the first time I had seen anything like (never even saw a shooting star!) and it was magical. I was also amused at how many people in our building were "up for the day" at 3/4am (snowbirds).


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