Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artist I adore: Rachel Awes

When did I first discover Rachel Awes? It feels like I've known about her particular wisdom of colorful art and spot-on words for a long time. Whenever it was, her work made an immediate impression, and I bought a piece for my mom, and one for me. (Oh wait, the joys of accidental discoveries on my own blog: I found when I first discovered Rachel, and it was about one year ago, exactly.)

This sits right above my desk and reminds me what's possible. (Yes, I *do* make rainbows when I leap. Didn't you know that?)

Rachel is doing a giveaway on her blog, and so I couldn't help but get in on the action. I went over to her etsy shop and picked out my favorites, and am having a hard time narrowing it down to just one. But I'm confident that if I am the one chosen (chosen one?) by the random generator (or, her kids picking my name out of a hat), I will indeed be able to narrow it down to a favorite.

I encourage you to head over to Rachel's blog, and her etsy shop too, and enter her giveaway for yourself. And you can "like" her on Facebook too. And follow her on Twitter. She's around...

And leave a comment for me--which one should I choose?

Bless you, Rachel. You make the world a better place!


  1. bless YOU, sherilee,
    you certainly make
    the world i'm in
    a better place.
    your encouragement
    is honey to my soul.
    thank you, dear, dear one!

  2. My favorite is Speak The sweet. Good luck! I hope you win. :)

  3. Rachel's work is a blessing. Every day I can look up and see the prairie people art right beside me here in the office. ...I like the 'bless and be" phrase.

  4. Love your comments and my favourite is the bluebird story. Good luck to you!


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