Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Oh, so sweet to have arrived at the weekend. For some reason, I'm particularly tired tonight... I'm going to blame the weather? It's been typically springy (ie, completely changeable at the drop of a hat) around here, but mostly nice with a mix of rain and wind... Or maybe I should blame the sketchy sleep? That's probably more accurate... Could be the carby lunch? I was at an all-day meeting today and the energy in the room took a nose dive after lunch. I saw some eyes go droopy droopy... through my own heavy lids!

But in my tired state, I can hopefully still articulate some thankfulness...

For my family. My men, right here with me, and family nearby, across the fields. And for family far away, too. So so blessed with much wonderful family.

For my health. I am glad to have gotten over the cold crud so quickly. Hopefully it won't come back!

For friends, dear friends. I'm a lucky girl, for sure.

For spring. In spite of my longstanding love of snow (I heard of a couple of people traveling over snowy passes today and thought, oh, I wish *we* had snow!), since that ship appears to have sailed, I have now flipped over to be happily on board with the green shoots and rain and longer days and sunshine (even it it's not consistent, I'll take it)! Just this afternoon I saw the most amazing skies across the valley--dark and foreboding on one side, bright sunshine on the other; a half-hour later it was completely flipped with the dark on the other side of the valley, sunshine on the opposite. Just beautiful.

For the flavors that come with spring and summer. I made pizza this week and chopped up fresh basil to go on my slices. Now that you can get basil any old month of the year it hardly seems like a "summery" ingredient, but to me the scent of basil is pure summer. Can't wait to be plucking leaves off my own plants! And asparagus... just bought a bunch of close-to-local  (closer than Chile, anyway) asparagus and can't wait to enjoy the bounty in the next couple of months. And then the fresh produce avalanche will arrive. Happy day.

For my Beth Moore study on the the fruit of the spirit. Each week it feels like she's talking straight at me. It's eerie... and incredibly inspiring for the week that follows. 

For bursts of color in my gray-black-brown wardrobe. I'm just sick and tired of the monochromatic winter color scheme I've been rocking for months. Ready to bust it up and look a bit more... well, colorful.

For the anticipation of spring break... it's coming! Not too far away, just one more week. I am so looking forward to our family time together, road tripping and hanging out.

For self-talk that's able to get me moving, without beating myself up (too badly). It works, I tell you. Pretty potently. Now to keep the movement going, so that I don't have to give the pep talk again very soon...

For fun handmade projects and making progress. Between my applique and crochet, I'm full up with crafts I enjoy and having a good time with them both; love seeing it all come together.

For after-school time with Seth. It is a gift, even as it's currently cut short by tennis as his spring after-school sport. I am still grateful for it, every day.

For speaking my mind without getting mad. It's so much better to not stuff things down, truly. If you're ever on the fence, don't stuff. Get it out, that's my advice. Not with anger, just be straight. If you're emailing, you might pause for a minute--my rule is to write it, then sit for a few hours (or overnight if you can). Then maybe edit (depending on  your tone), and hit send. Do it.

For sleep. Can't wait! (Don't call early tomorrow, if you were thinking about it. Just sayin'.)

For Friday nights together, for the best grilled cheese in a long time--the secret is in the pepperjack! and the baguette!--and tomato soup, and candles and conversation. Bliss.

I hope your weekend is filled with all the things you want and need to get charged up for the coming week! Blessings to you and yours.


  1. I love your crochet project... so colourful and cheerful. It looks like you are getting ready to be a grandmother already! Have fun.

  2. Oh, wow, I just got here on my new computer...trying to figure everything out...whew!!

    Your blog is those squares and your applique is gorgeous!!! Oh, great projects you have going there.

    Now I will go back and read your words...I did just have breakfast but your french toast looks heavenly.

  3. Oh, those are grilled cheese sandwiches!!!! Terrific. So good...

    Yes, now, for speaking my mind without getting mad. I LIKE THAT ONE>>>OH< WHAT DO i do here that causes my new machine to go into cap mode? So here is a chance to speak my mind without getting mad.

    I do like that and I am thankful that over the long long years I believe the Lord has steered me closer and closer to that (His) ideal. Just say it...but do it politely. My aim.

  4. mmmm, that grilled bread looks good! Love the crafts, you're so talented! Hey...can you send me your address please? I have it at home, but I'm at work right now...thanks!


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