Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend info-gathering roundup #6

It's been awhile since I've posted a "reading round-up"... while some of these were found over the weekend, others revealed themselves at random internet roaming moments... This weekend wasn't a big online weekend... Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on my mood at any given moment) the weather beckoned, the yard shouted of neglect, and I acquiesced, at least a bit... Sunshine is a wonderful thing, though, and I was amazed at the invigoration of the breeze, the sun, the doggies...

I love a colorful plate of food, and read an interesting post on tastespotting's blog about eating a different color each week of March. That may be a bit more extreme than I'm inclined toward--how about a lot of color at EVERY meal? All the time? But what a great idea, and a beautiful graphic to illustrate the point.

And in keeping with color coordination... I think this video is a lot of fun:

I think this is an interesting take on the decreasing price of Kindles... as a longstanding Amazon Prime member, I'm wholeheartedly in favor of his theory that a Kindle will be tossed in with a Prime membership, maybe by the end of the year. Sweet.

Here's an interesting thought, one that kinda resonates with this sometimes vegetarian: Bacon as a gateway meat. Funny, and maybe a bit true?

Happily, we make our way through most days meat-free. I found a wonderful post with lots of good inspiration at Food52 that motivates toward that end... the question is, what to make first? There's the butternut squash salad... or the ricotta and chive gnocchi... or the tomato rice or the saag paneer... uh-oh, hungry!

Love these felty flowers? Me too. Here's the DIY on those lovelies.

Other flowers I have "picked" on my online travels... these sweet roses on a pillow:

And lovely crochet flowers too:

I must be dreaming of spring, right?

And in honor of the birthday of Dr. Seuss this past week, check out these green eggs and ham. What a hoot.

If you haven't heard of the Khan Academy, do click on over and read about this really radical approach to education and how it's changing learning across the globe. Pretty cool. Maybe I could get a grasp on those math concepts even at this late date?

I have recently been fiddling around with a ceramic cone for my one cuppa coffee each morning... it's taken a bit of work to get it "just so," and this piece helped me get it right.

Ran across a great tumblr site called Doodle Everyday. Check out these fabulous doodles below... I wish I doodled like that... I'm still stuck in stars and hashtags and cubes in perspective and hearts... you get my drift.

Hope your weekend was lovely and there was a bit of sunshine, wherever you were. And that the week ahead brings you the right mixture of challenges and triumphs!

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  1. I've been tempted to sort my books by color--I hear it's THE thing nowadays--but I'm afraid I'd never find them again. Sorting by genre is so much more practical for me. 'Course, maybe if I didn't have so many books...

    Love those felt flowers, and they don't look difficult. Spring always makes me want to redecorate. :)

    Thanks for the smiles this post gave me. xoxo


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