Monday, March 21, 2011

Future files: Hydrangea cakes

It must be a sign that I am ready for spring. (Not just ready, but Ready. Maybe even READY.) When I saw these cupcakes posted to Facebook by iambaker, my little ready-for-spring heart went pitter pat.

I have always been a huge hydrangea fan, and especially of the periwinkle variety that both of these bakers pulled off so wonderfully--though I do love the pink/periwinkle combo on the cake. iambaker linked over to Glorious Treats as evidence of her not having "recreated the wheel," but I am oh-so-glad she had the inspiration. (And be sure to check out iambaker's grandma's hydrangea watercolor she featured as additional inspiration. Quite lovely.)

I just need someone (anyone?) to announce a) an upcoming wedding, or b) an upcoming baby, so I may shower that individual with hydrangea cakes... so come on, people! Get with my program, would you?

I hope these dear cakes bring a little spring--dare I say summer?--to whatever little corner of the world you're in this morning. We're currently still quite chilly and overcast, so I might just sit and stare at these cakes a little longer, sipping my coffee, waiting for the phone to ring with baby/wedding news... (you know who you are).


  1. I'm going to a baby shower on 3/26! No marriage news, tho :-)

    My favorite hydrangeas are blue...they remind me of Cape Cod.

  2. Swoon! I need to know which icing tip they used. I love the rounded shape of the cake ~ and the layers look wonderful too.

  3. Your "I" goes so well with your post. And those, love, love them. So yummy to look at and cannot wait to taste. When will that be now?

    On Friday night for supper I made some Quick Coconut Bread. It was very tasty but next time I am going to roll it out and make it into scones...same type of recipe and the flavor is great (if you like coconut). The recipe is in the big, fat, green, Moosewood cook book. Very good.

  4. Those are gorgeous. Just love them -- and would love to eat a couple right about now.

  5. Wow, these are stunning! Ive just found your blog via gingerblue where I just commented that hydrangeas were my wedding flowers recently. I love them.


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