Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday 13: Rainbows for St. Patrick's Day!

Not being Irish, or a beer drinker, or much into shamrocks, I still enjoy St. Patrick's Day for the plethora of green that the day brings along with it; a real sign of spring! But the typical shamrock green isn't my favorite shade of the color, and as I've mentioned before, decorating for this holiday isn't something I really take any time with... I'm more like, let's make a beeline straight for Easter!

I don't know why, but it hadn't much occurred to me in past years that rainbows is the way to go with this holiday. Doh! Rainbows, with a pot of gold at the end, of course. This year I've seen oodles of cupcakes and cookies and all kinds of sweet things with a rainbow leaning, but I'm going a different direction (could be the fact that we've been fighting head colds around here for the past week, at least, that makes me a little down on the sweet stuff right now. Just give me a cup of tea, a bowl of soup, and a box of Kleenex!)

The rainbow discovery, and my love of all things Etsy, led me to wander the web site and look for rainbow items. And there are a few items that push the boundaries of what one might consider rainbow, per se, but I hope you'll bear with me. Click on the text below each picture to go to the shop. Enjoy!

And one extra, because I couldn't resist!

Check out this all-rainbow treasury.

And for more Thursday 13 participants or to play along, go here.

Hope you have a lovely St. Patrick's Day, whatever your plans!


  1. You found some GREAT stuff! I never thought about rainbows for this day and I love your take on it. Happy Thursday!

  2. Cool shots. I particularly like the pens.

    Great list. Mine is here.

  3. That shawl and those acorns!!! OH MY! And the ILY sign with the ladybug, oh, how my hairdresser would love that :-) Thanks for sharing some happiness and joy, my friend.

  4. I can see why you couldn't resist the baby hat, that was an 'awwww' moment.

  5. What a treat...great rainbows for joy! Yes, it does feel like spring here...well, almost, just not warm enough to lure me out for full days yet.

    Happy Irish Day to you and yours!!

  6. oh how i love etsy. love the necklaces.

  7. I liked the rainbows. :) Happy TT!


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