Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Thankful, so thankful...

For the springing weather. If we can't have snow (which it appears we cannot), let's just spring forward, shall we? The longer days, the sunshine, the warmer temps... all good.

For an appreciation for all kinds of food, from somewhat complicated to an apple eaten off the core.

For getting a few things accomplished that I've been procrastinating about... Hello, landfill. Hello, recycling center. Goodbye, rubbish! I guess mostly I'm thankful that self-guilt still accomplishes something with me. Don't let anyone tell you guilt is all bad. It's not.

For the flow of ink from a really nice pen. Experimenting with new calligraphy nibs makes me happy!

For my iPad. I haven't fallen out of love with it yet and don't anticipate that happening any time soon. And no, I don't feel the need to run out for the latest version, which came out this week. I will be happy with my happy pad and my flat-rate data plan for the foreseeable future, thank you very much.

For my boy and his texts and calls. (Even if it means he needs me to bring his fancy-schmancy calculator to him...)

For a meal with a friend that felt like summer (except for the actual weather). I can't wait until it actually IS summer and the basil and arugula and tomatoes are from the garden and taste like happiness. Yum.

Oh, that was yummy crostoni at Serafina...

For the anticipation of the greening and leafing of the yard. It's really looking tired and sad right now, but in a few weeks I know that the sunshine and rain will have worked their magic and we'll be in a whole 'nother place.

For Hulu+. I can get my Parenthood fix and relive the shallowness of Lipstick Jungle, all in one place.

For my husband, who makes me laugh. I love that about us.

For tulips. Now there's a sign of spring! Even if they are only in the grocery stores currently, and not in the flower beds...

For a functioning computer. I certainly don't take that for granted. Everything is better when you're not crashing and freezing every few hours... minutes...

For a weekend... to regroup, chat to my heart's content with husband, catch up on Netflix, worship, nap, clean my office, nap, make a big old breakfast or two, bake some bread (and maybe some cinnamon rolls?), nap, crochet, scan some pictures, download some music (yes, I'm way overdue to repay my musical debts to my musical sisters) and nap.

Oh, glorious weekend! Thank you for arriving, just when we needed you. Wishing you and yours the best kind of weekend: the one where you get to do what you want, when you want, with whom you wish.


  1. I am off to sleep...noticed the number of nap mentions in your plans for the weekend.

    Yes, there is much for which I am thankful...don't ever, ever want to take all the goodness out there for granted.

    Go have a great weekend with your husband who makes you laugh. I like that!!!

  2. Reading your posting again...I would imagine that every time you receive a call from your boy, no matter what, your heart warms up and leaps into action!!! You are mother-love personified.


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