Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday 13: Thirteen [old] recipes from Weight Watchers

It's been quite a while since my friend Lisa posted a link to my Facebook wall with some really horrendous looking Weight Watchers recipes from the 70s.

I was immediately captivated by the grimace factor and have been meaning to share them here for some time. Finally, a little spare time on vacation to look through the drafts folder!

There are more on the original site that posted these recipes originally; 26 in all! But I picked my "favorite" 13. I hope you enjoy them too. Ugh.

Caucasian? Are you serious?
Makes one wonder why we haven't seen the neighbors recently...

"Chilled" implies it once was not.
This is especially frightening when considering celery.

What on earth is in the bowl that the salad surrounds?
Looks like a Blue Hawaiian gone really wrong.

Gray food. Can't think of anything to add to those two words.

Fluffy + mackerel = nightmares.

Not sure what the significance of the pineapple top tower is, but I'm sure it has something
to do with the spectacular-ness of the dish.

I'm certainly inspired by this soup. Or maybe I'm just confused and I'm really inspired
by the candles. Yeah, that's it.

I knew Jello was missing a flavor option: Tomato! That's the ticket.

I bet the liver is glad it has a "masque" so no one knows it's on that plate!

What melon has a color like this? None. None melon.

Nothing says perfection like shredded red cabbage and, what, Jello again? Yum.

Apparently the drink to the left has a bouillon cube and some sherry vinegar in it.
Oh yes, that's a slender quencher alright.

Again with the heat on items that should be cool. I loves me some warm lettuce!

I hope you enjoyed these menu items as much as I did! I certainly enjoyed looking at them and knowing I would never have to eat them. It's wonderful to know how much our diets have changed over the years for the better; even if we don't always live up to our nutritional potential every day, we have options and choices!

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  1. man, what funny pictures and text!

  2. I can think of all kinds of things to add to fish balls, but I better not. Gray is bad enough.

  3. these made me laugh...especially the first one!

  4. That liver pate is really something. I don't think there'd be any problem losing weight with food like this. :-)

    Mine's here.

  5. The pictures are wildly ugly but the text you run with them is right on...very good, girl! I suppose the melon has to be a favorite, if that is possible but your comments on the others makes it difficult to choose a favorite!!!

  6. Oh that melon mousse!
    I cringed at every single one. No wonder my mom lost weight on weightwatchers - she never ate a thing!


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