Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

I am posting early on Friday morning, while I wait for others to wake and we begin our trek up to Vancouver Island for a family reunion. Since I'm unsure about future internet connection, etc., and will be busy with oodles of relatives later tonight, I thought I'd post now, just a little bit of gratitude.

For a road trip with my boy. We had a good time yesterday on the drive to Seattle. He played me music from his iPod, I played him comedy from mine. Good times.

For husband, keeping the home fires burning. In this case, it's more like the home water going, and he's already had to do that too... bless him. Wish he was with us, but work won't allow, alas.

For brother and wife and kids, who make our visits enjoyable and relaxing. They're mostly settled into their new digs, and it really suits them.

For blueberries by the handful.

For sunshine and blue blue water. The ferry ride over to Bainbridge yesterday was beautiful--we got parked just at the perfect spot to stay in our car and just watch the water; it was lovely. Looking forward to more ferry time today between Vancover and Nanaimo... I've never done this particular trip before, so looking forward to some super-natural British Columbia!

For friends who understand. Priceless.

For peace in the midst of uncertainty. There are a lot of uncertain things in the world any more, and while the peacefulness can come and go, I grab it while I can and meditate on that. Peace.

THAT THEY STOPPED THE OIL FROM GUSHING FORTH IN THE GULF YESTERDAY!! I know it's too soon to celebrate, but even a brief reprieve is worthy of the happy dance! And all caps!

To be able to hold the hand of the man I love while we go walking.

For the energy to exercise again.

For 80 relatives, all gathering together to enjoy each other's company. There will be laughter, I know. And hugging. Good times.

Hope your weekend will hold a few hugs and a little laughter too!


  1. What a faithful, grateful girl you are! Not going to miss a chance to reflect on what your are grateful for, so better early than late, right?

    We are on the ferry already heading to Vancouver Island... to do a little shopping in Victoria before heading north to Campbell freaking River! That name has been forever changed now.

    See you soon.

  2. Have a fabulous weekend! Must hear the "Campbell Freaking River" story someday. :)

  3. I got together with 5 friends I don't often see and I barely took a picture LOL! Yours are gorgeous! Glad you had a good time :-)


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